My journey to Entrepreneurship

My journey in transitioning between the corporate world and entrepreneurship world have just begun. Read more.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, to build something from scratch and to be economically independent. But I felt that to set up a business that could be great I had to first gain professional experience in the job market. From a young age, I was always empowered with the idea that I have to be well prepared to make things right.

So first I went to work in Advertising Industry, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and after 6 years working on Advertising agencies and having already built a career and proved my worth, I went to do what I really wanted: the Master in Business Administration. My goal was to become a manager in something worthy, something that makes a contribution to society. So I did it.

After my Master Degree I worked for almost 9 years in an Education Company, SENAC, which brought me a lot of accomplishment. Creativity, innovation, and independence were part of everything that I did. Even while working in big companies I’ve always been entrepreneurial in the way that I think.

During the last 3 years at that company I was Product Manager of Fashion and Design.

Working in the ​​Fashion and Design industry I made connections with several amazing jewelers. Their jewelry was of the highest quality and design, however, these jewelers continue to not have any International presence.

In 2016 arrived the time to move to United States and begin a new story. Here in Miami I noticed a gap in the fine jewelry market and a niche unattended. I saw an opportunity to create something unique and sentimental. As well I noticed that Latin-American jewelers don’t sell worldwide and don’t have presence in America. So I decided to launch my startup.

To be competitive in this new Information Era and to be outstanding in this competitive global market I decided to join the Udacity Nanodregree in Digital Marketing. The goal is to be updated with the new tools and trends on digital marketing. So that’s the journey I’m in until now. And I feel so excited with this new challenge.