Grey’s Anatomy: S3 E7-Where the boys are

The episode starts off with how two doctors are planning to cover up the fact that Dr Burke’s hand still has a tremor and how they decide not to report it. It shows how the people who trust him drift into sleep trusting his scalpel and how he is not taking that into account, hence throwing light on medical negligence and carelessness we are put through on a daily basis.

It also talks about SRS(sexual reassignment surgery) which is still frowned upon by society. When it is against the social stereotype, people are judged when they want to do something to their body. These people are easily scared, and usually give in to others’ opinions and stay unhappy. They are usually looked upon and treated differently just for how they feel.

It also deals with the aspect of homosexuality which is an issue of social importance; the acceptance, and the reaction. Even though the characters do not say anything against it, it brings into attention how that is ‘different’ from the ‘ideal society’. It tries to convey the message about how loving who you want to is perfectly fine and also shows the emotional stress the doctors are put through with each patient.

It exemplifies how one should be strong enough and should be determined to do whatever to get what makes them happy. One should have confidence to do whatever they want to and should know their identity is more important than anything or anyone else.

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