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Make your Courier Services Efficient with Logistics Management Software

Courier companies have much to handle when it comes to the delivery service. We say this as courier companies are solely dependent for their delivery services and people expect them to provide glitch free delivery services to their customers. With this much pressure on the shoulders of management, these companies have to invest in the best to provide most efficient delivery services to their customers.

When it comes to delivery services, a logistics management software is what every courier company needs. Such software allows you to make your delivery processes highly efficient while giving you complete control.

In this era, there is much pressure on the courier companies to compete with the others in the market. And to be quite honest, there is a tough competition out there for the courier companies. To compete with the other courier companies, one must find and opt for the best logistics software in order to eliminate the risk of even the smallest error. The best news for you here is that Mile now is offering its client the best of the best logistics software with multiple functionalities.

Mile suite is a complete set of applications that is developed after gathering the complete knowledge about every industry. Our highly agile and robust courier delivery software doesn’t only allow you to handle the delivery processes but it also support in the tasks related to the delivery services. Functionalities like predictive analysis and inventory management allows you to have a deeper insight on your core business processes.

Apart from the two functionalities mentioned above, there are several other functionalities that allow you to manage you delivery processes perfectly. The best feature that we have included in our software is of digital dispatch. This feature makes sure that every package is dispatched perfectly. Basically this feature streamlines all the packages in a hierarchical order, which allows the management to send the right package at the right time. With this feature, you will never leave any package behind.

With this, our software is packed with the functionalities of route optimization and geo-enabled location services. Route optimization feature is included in the rider’s application, which allows the riders to reach their destinations in lesser time. The route to the destinations updates according to the traffic on the roads. With the geo-enabled location services, the management can track the location of the riders hence the status of delivery anytime they want. Moreover, the software sends delivery notifications to the customers with the help of customer notifications.

Along with all of these functionalities you are also allowed to market your brand and its promotions with the help of customer application. We let you market your brand the way you want and as much as you want without any extra charges.


With Mile now’s logistics management software you can avail the above mentioned and many more functionalities and make your delivery services up to the mark.

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