Introducing @StartupPerth — helping amplify news from Perth startups.

aka @StartupPerth is in your Twitter feed

The purpose of the @StartupPerth Twitter account is to help amplify the news and content of Perth’s startups, through regular tweets (3–9 times a day) and by using the hashtag #StartupPerth.

Why @StartupPerth?

There’s a plethora of international start up media, and a handful of accounts and websites dedicated to start-ups across Australia. #StartupAus is a fairly frequently used hashtag you can use to uncover these.

What I wanted to do for my own personal use, was collate all the news of my local Perth comrades in their startup trenches. 200 others seem to like it as well, in the first week.

I’m proud to be a Western Australian, and I love hearing about all the great innovations that have come out of our large town, so I wanted to do something that gives back, and helps promote other entrepreneurs in Perth. We don’t har enough about the great stuff coming out of Perth; let’s change that. Let’s all do something to share each others news.

There are two local players in the Western Australian start up space, Startupnews and TechBoard. They are both great resources, and I visit them regularly, however I am keen to hear directly from other local start-ups as well. This isn’t designed to be a replacement at all; I have @StartupPerth tweeting all their news, and hope it helps increase their audience reach. There’s no such thing as too many people encouraging the local scene. :)

So how’s it work?

Behind the scenes is simply an RSS to Twitter gateway, which grabs the latest blog posts, from a list of sites, and shares them with attribution on Twitter. I’ve got it set to send at random times through the day and night, and it typicaally doesn’t tweet more than one post from a single start-up in a 24 hour period.

How can I get my start-up listed?

There’s a few criteria you need to meet to get your content promoted by @StartupPerth.

Needless to say, you need to be a Perth based startup. I prefer SaaS or technology start-ups, but happy to take all aboard at this stage (I may limit the amount included in the future; I don’t want the account to be terribly noisy).

Next, you’ll need an official Twitter account, and a blog or news section on your website, that has a valid RSS feed. That’s where I grab your news from, so no RSS, no tweets I’m afraid.

If you meet the above simple criteria, shoot a tweet with the details to @StartupPerth or myself, @milesb

How can I help?

The best way you can help grow this resource is to start following, and then fave or retweet the content that you enjoy most. Tell folks you know who may be interested in following too; a larger audience helps everyone.

Other questions

How do I get my start-up off being listed?
Easy; send a tweet to @StartupPerth from your official account. I’m sorry to see you go!

When do you expect a Series A to take place?
Well, given the massive under $20 a month investment I’m currently spending on this, I doubt I’ll ever need to raise some capital. :)

I’m a startup without an RSS feed.
Get a blog. Seriously though, send a tweet to @StartupPerth and I’ll likely retweet it, and help get your message out.

What if I want to send a gift of appreciation?
Sure — send me an tweet to get the best address. Please note though, bribes won’t be entertained for getting listed if you don’t meet the above criteria.

I’ve got a suggestion, what shall I do?
Tell me about it; I’d love to hear your thoughts if you find it useful, crap or somewhere in between. Best bet is Twitter.

You’ve posted some old content from my feed, eek.
Yup, that may happen from time to time. When I add a new feed, it crawls and posts from 6–10 posts ago, and catches up. If it’s being advertised in your current RSS feed, it’s fair game. Best thing to do, is post more content.