I Really Effed Up This Time! …My Digital Marketing #Fail

Miles Beckler
Jul 13, 2018 · 5 min read

Oh Lordy… Do I have a story for you!?!

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You may know that I’m currently living life on two separate autoresponder systems.

AWeber is my first love and number one recommendation because it’s bulletproof, it has the best delivery in the industry, it just works.

Simple, functional, and an absolute workhorse!

But, during my process to migrate my membership program to a new system, I ended up getting going on Active Campaign.

Active Campaign is “fancy” with its tags, automations, advanced behavior-based segmenting… (all of which Aweber can do too, by the way)

But active campaign runs my membership program…

So when the members on month four and they moved to month five, it’s because of the automation and active campaign and the tags used in that automation that my website knows which new content to deliver to that individual.

Okay, that’s the back story… You’re really reading because you want to know how I effed everything up, right?

Well, yesterday was rough!

My integration guy is out on vacation… Melanie and I were revisiting some of our emails and our follow-up sequence.

We go back to our follow-up sequence regularly because it’s not something we’ve ever been able to write from scratch.

It’s something that’s been more of an evolving series than anything…

I had a split test inside the series, testing two separate emails in the number four spot… 11 emails total, with some fancy tagging and automation at the end.

I tried to end the split test and declare “Email B” as the winner and that is when all heck broke out.

Instead of declaring a winner, I ended up deleting the entire automation below email 4.

And the thousands of people who are all queued up for those emails I just deleted?

This means that every user who was waiting for their next follow-up sequence is now gone.

Many of those subscribers I paid for, to get them on the list!

All of those emails that they were queued up to help me generate a return on my investment in advertising… Gone.

All of the fancy automations and tagging that get someone off the follow-up sequence and onto our broadcast list when they finished the follow sequence… They are gone.

Total destruction… Brought to you by Miles “Destructo” Beckler!

In total, about 7000 subscribers who were all waiting for that next logical email in the series, tomorrow… Will get nothing from us today.

The funny part is, I don’t know how to find this group of people who are currently in purgatory… And we are mid-launch on a BIG product.

And my integration guy is on vacation until next week.

Yep. That was my day yesterday.

It’s been a while since I broke everything and felt like this…

But, if I were to tell you this was the first time I’ve literally broken everything, I’d be lying.

And here’s where we get to the moral of the story…

Building a business is not easy.

You must have the willingness to fail. Yesterday was an absolute fail on my part.

I learned a few key things… Like, wait for my integration guy who I pay good money to do these kinds of things! LoL


It also re-solidifies my willingness to recommend Aweber over Active Campaign.

AC is just too complex, delicate and temperamental for someone who’s just getting started.

When you’re making 10K per month and you’re ready to invest 500 bucks a month in an integration guy, email me… He can even move your list if you really want to get fancy automations going! Lol.

But, more than anything it just reaffirms this idea that success is messy.

So many people are looking for the perfect business plan, the right business model, buying into the lies of these fake gurus who make it look easy… It’s all bull shit!

Oops, tried to get through this post without swearing…

Sometimes I think the only reason I know so much about Internet marketing, and how all these puzzle pieces fit together… Is because I’ve broken everything more than once and had to figure out how to put it back together again.

It usually happens at the least opportune time, too… Like when I tried to make one little change just before bed at midnight. Dropped the entire site and takes till 4 AM to get back up online.

Or that time I try to make a tweak to a sales page right as Melanie was clicking send to about 100,000 subscribers and I destroyed the sales page at the exact moment thousands of visitors tried to visit it.

Yeah, that wasn’t good for conversions.

This morning, after cooling off yesterday and having a good nights rest… I’m able to laugh at myself and this whole situation.

What can we do? Life has its challenges. Being an entrepreneur is not “the easy path” and it has even more challenges. Might as well stay lighthearted about it, right?

The big truth is that success ultimately lies on the other side of failure.

The goal is not to “not fail” but the goal is to fail faster, learn all those little things that don’t work as quick as you can…

So you can find the one or two things that do work for you, so you can keep doing them over and over!

This mental model of “Success is on the other side of failure” may be the most empowering idea I’ve ever encountered in my life.

Explains the learning curve, the ups, and downs of life, and holds the secret to creating everything you want in life.

This video explains it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBgwU_EPX3w

Funny for me to see that this video only has 520 views…

Everyone wants the secrets to affiliate marketing, the secrets to traffic, the secrets to the right niche, to Facebook ads…

But the ultimate secret to success lies in this video.

The ultimate secret to success lies in your mindset and how you deal with challenges and failures.

And you made it to the end… You can watch the video…

This means you will understand the truth of what it takes to create success!

And that knowledge will put you closer to success than you’ve ever been.

That knowledge is your competitive advantage over every other person who’s trying to enter that niche that you’re entering… Because you know this, you have the secret weapon to success!

And now, it’s time for me to finish licking my wounds and go pick up the pieces of what I broke and figure out how to put it all back together, today.

Miles “Daily Progress Isn’t Always Forwards” Beckler

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