The Great Sales Funnel Scam

Miles Beckler
Dec 6, 2018 · 2 min read

In the last three years hundreds of new “sales funnel software” solutions have hit the market…

Similar to how a few powerful crypto’s have been diluted by a sea of scamming ICO’s…

This is a dangerous sign for all those in the Internet marketing game!

Why, you ask?

Simple, these great marketers know you have a compelling desire.

And in the last story you learned that desire is the invisible force that makes advertising work.

These funnel gurus are able to channel your desire into a software making you think that the sales funnel software “is the solution” to scaling your business online.

But it’s not…

This is the great hoax.

The “solution” for you to achieve your $10 grand per month lifestyle is to find an audience and help them obtain that which they desire.

Start with one or two people proving you can actually help…

Scale through content marketing or advertising to get your system out to the masses.

Is a “sales funnel” able to help you get your message out to the world efficiently?


Is a sales funnel the solution that gets your message out?

No way!

…Not even close.

Literally a sales funnel is simply a few pages on your website and a shopping cart.

There’s no magic there.

The software can be replaced or swapped out with any one of a dozen to create the same few pages.

So I created a video for you to go deeper with an analogy…

Because so many people are believing a lie.

A live that the sales funnel software is the magic.

the magic always lies within your messaging.

The magic is within you understanding intimately the goals, fears, desires of your market.

The magic is in you having created and tested a system that is proven to help your audience achieve their goals, avoid their fears, and achieve their desires.

You could deliver this magic on an HTML page hand coded by someone in the Philippines for $10 and it would crush it.

And you could spend $297 per month to deliver that same magic…

The funny thing?

$297 per month solution will have worse support and more bugs than the hand coded HTML page.

Your call…

Personally I I’m always looking for the option that helps me retain control.

Because, as I grow my business to $10 million in revenue and beyond, I can’t leave control over my core cashflow generating pages in the hands of others…

And every great entrepreneur will understand the requirement and desire for said control.

Miles “WordPress Funnel Hacker” Beckler

P.S. if you haven’t built out your funnels yet and you’re wondering how to do it without the ridiculously expensive (and buggy) software…

Click here and watch my free DIY sales funnel video series that shows you every single step.


Miles Beckler

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