A Refresh to our Emails

We send a lot of emails here at Fluc. Whether it be Order Receipts or Scheduled Order Confirmations — our customers love to be emailed the details of their order and use those receipts for all things great and small — whether its to share it around the office or create an awesome paper plane. Our original emails weren’t that great and were really done in a rushed fashion to just get something released to allow customers to confirm their orders — today that changes.

We are now introducing new mobile and web optimized receipts & notifications just for you. We found that by simplifying the user interface for our emails and showing you what you needed to know in a big bold way — it’s now much easier to share and review the details of your order & account generally. The initial user groups who have tested our new format are much happier with the new look and that makes us stoked!

The top of the email now contains the restaurant you are ordering from and it’s logo front and center plus the exact order total — so you can easily check the total cost. We also have a handy way to view it online or get support.

Simple & Fast Referencing

Up next is the full order confirmation details — so you can ensure that your order is exactly correct. There is simply nothing worse than thinking you ordered something and finding out later that you actually didn’t. We also present all the information regarding your Tax, Delivery, Discounts and more — so it’s super easy for you to track the total cost.

A Clearer & Concise Breakdown

Lastly, you have some of the basic journey details around your order. What time you ordered the food, when you expect it to arrive and what type of order you have placed — whether its a normal order, a scheduled order or a group order! We quickly tell you this information up front so its super easy for you to track your history & search it within your email. Of course, all this information is already available on both the web and the iPhone app — but it’s also convenient to have this available in your email.

Transparent Location Information

At the bottom — you can find support information and how to reach our Customer Happiness team. It just makes your life easier and the experience on our platform even better.

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback regarding the emails you receive from us! We’re definitely listening and happy to make more changes if there is something that just really bugs you or you want to see included. Please keep the feedback coming!

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