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It lurks in almost every software-related job description posting on LinkedIn. Billion-dollar empires are built upon it. It rears its head when its name is called, and if you don’t drop it clearly into your next job interview, you almost certainly won’t be progressing to “coffee with the team”.

Over the last couple of decades, I’ve been involved with many engineering teams in a number of different organisations. I was a software developer, systems administrator and database administrator before shifting into leadership roles as a lead developer, tech lead, software development manager, delivery lead and head of technology. …

I was aiming for managed AWS services that could provide me with a secure way for API Gateway to access an API running on EC2, while keeping the API safe from everything else. Using a NAT Gateway costs too much for the time being. Using a private VPC with VPC links, my API instances could access and install software packages, but not reach remote docker images. Using a private subnet wth an Egress Only Internet Gateway only supports ipv6, and ECR doesn’t support ipv6 yet, so still no docker image downloads. …

Miles Jordan

Tech Strategy | Cloud Architecture | Systems of Work | Lean Enterprise

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