I was asked to write a short submission for a Yale entrepreneurship book. Here are a few.

Outlook (a haiku)

Within a startup
Team have future optimism
pessimism re: now

For Want of a Customer

Grow users! More cashflow! ‘s my creed.
And to get it, a product I need.
Employees want salary, to build.
To pay, I must woo VC guild.
But investors seek traction indeed!

The Benefit of Co-Founders

With a cofounder,
highs and low in startup land
hit each off cycle.

Begin Now

A startup like a
sailboat can only rightly
steer when moving. Start!

meaning, service, community, ethics, education, ceremony and assembly without superstition and dogma

For the past year or so, I’ve been working to help create a Humanist Community at Yale University. As an alum living in New Haven, I feel connected to the university and wanted to contribute in another way. …

Miles Lasater

Founder turned investor. Husband, father and book addict. Opinions my own. Writing at VenturePatterns.com.

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