Social Media - A place for everything and everything in its place.

It seems like everyday, hour, or even every minute, a new social media idea is born. Some die just as quickly as they were created. Some go on to bigger and better things. For all social Media Networks there is a vision and sense of purpose that compels the user to be a part of this grand and sometimes “exclusive” group.

I jump from group to group based on what is new today, trying it out, and seeing if it serves a purpose for “me’’. I have been through many and while some have made the cut, others have not. I currently utilize a few, and this may change over time, but for now see how I use each social network in a system that works for me!


(Career History)

I use LinkedIn so I can display a “Professional” History, and more importantly, a location to connect to my colleagues that are likely not categorized in any of the other social-networks.

Even though every headhunter in the world is there to “connect” with you and be a “resource” I still love to use this network as a pool of past, present, and future connection points. You never know if one day one of them will heavily impact your career. Like they say, “It isn't what you know but who you know”. This isn't always the case but you never know what could happen!


(User Experience Portfolio)

Now Bēhance is actually a newer network for me. A place to showcase your **ahem (Adobe Built) portfolio. After looking at many examples and seeing how others use this service, I have decided that for me, Bēhance will become a place to showcase my UX processes in various projects I have worked on.

From small projects to large ones and personal tinkering to client-based solutions. Here I will showcase Process and Strategy to many of my adoring fans ;)


(Visual Design Portfolio)

Dribbble brings together some of the finest most talented artists from around the world. If you look around you will see everything from print to web, to mobile and back again. Some even showcase their UX skills but I still see the primary purpose is on the visual side.

So for my Dribbble account I plan on using it for any and all visual design! I have print work and web work. I have some user interface designs and some mobile segments. All of which will be displayed and showcased on the Dribbbles for your enjoyment.


(Save for Later Buckets)

From Mood Boards to Home Improvements and PVC Creations to User Experience Philosophies, I use Pinterest as an endless bucket system to not only help with things around the house, but also to assist clients and personal projects. Having a place to show ideas and patterns helps in creating a more meaningful experience.


(All Writing All The Time)

This too is a new and exciting social space that allows me the opportunity to find my voice, or rather find my many voices. To post content purely based from my opinions to research and knowledge sharing, Medium is helping me express who I am, what I am, and what matters most to me. On Medium I can speak as a Father, Husband, UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Mormon, or whatever else I choose to share.


(Front-End Playground)

I love CodePen! I use CodePen for experimentation, inspiration, quick prototypes of features and many other applications. Currently I have a few public pens, but most of them are private and specific to current projects that are in the works. I love making modular pieces of features and Codepen is the perfect place to play.


(Casual Photography)

I love photography no matter where I am and what device I have on hand to capture it. I love to share experiences and it is tough to have a professional camera on hand in every situation. By using my phone coupled with instagram I am able to catch moments as they happen and share the photos with my friends and family.


(Career Colleagues)

Not only do I follow my friends and family but I follow people that inspire, motivate, and share many things that relate to my fields of study. Some people follow Britney Spears and others follow Kanye West. Me? I follow my own sort of celebrities, such as: Eric Hoffman ‏@kolage, Jeffrey Zeldman ‏@zeldman, Chris Coyier ‏@chriscoyier, Jared Spool @jmspool and many others.


(All Things Personal)

All things personal. From hobbies to family life and religion to elementary school reminiscing. Facebook is a way for me to connect with long lost buddies, family, school mates, and many others to never again lose touch. I also have a few community groups that I work with to be aware of neighborhood events, and various other home life matters.

Some don’t use the sites as I do, some find social networks to be useless. In my experience it is all in how you use them that makes the difference between effective and useless. As I find more social networks to play with and begin to use them for specific purposes I will continue to update this page and share with you how and why I find them to be useful.