Design Better Cards
Andrew Coyle

Intro designer here…

I found the article well-written and I liked the breakdown of cards, as a new designer myself it helped to read about things like hierarchy, keeping separate topics separate, and the use of links within a card.

Also, interesting point on fragmented conciousness — I am an engineer by trade but feel like my ability to critically read and form opinions has diminished as of late. I find that I am just unconsciously reading about lots of different topics without actually thinking too much about any one specific topic. I’m not blaming that on society or anything but it made me reflect on the way I think about the world and I realized that it is almost easier just to read something and accept it as truth rather than really thinking about it.

The scary part is that I didn’t even realize this was happening…anyhow, time to put my critical thinking “cap” back on and get to work! Thanks for the tips and insights, looking forward to future articles!