Following our successful visit to the United Nations event in Geneva last week, we just wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those that welcomed us and helped make it such a great trip.

To be part of all the discussions relating to how blockchain and AI can bring truly quantifiable and sustainable development to the world was a humbling experience on its own, but to be walking the hallowed corridors of power that are within the Palais de Nation (Geneva) was completely mind-blowing. From the opening ceremony in the main assembly hall to the blockchain discussion in Salle XX (the court of human rights)

Discussing the future of employment policy, in relation to the disruption that will be caused by AI in the future, and sustainable development goals around such is an extremely important part of what is needed in this world.

Aside from the ministers, heads of state, and other senior government figures, we were joined by the elite of blockchain and AI as well as corporate leaders and a host of others to whom the goal of sustainable development is their holy grail. We look forward to seeing huge progressions within the investment community towards strong and sustainable growth across multiple sectors as a direct result of the discussions that took place.

We would also like to offer our hand to any and all that attended. Some of you will have had a brief outline from us as to the potential impact we can, and will, have on multiple sectors. Given the huge number of people in attendance, it was impossible for us to meet all of you however, you are more than welcome to reach out and see if there’s a way for Invacio to assist you. Whether you are in need of financial/market data analysis or perhaps are looking at some form of AI security element to aid with your ongoing governance programs, we remain available for your consultation.

Particular thanks go out to the whole team that organized the event, you did a great job organizing such a diverse yet balanced event.