The Condition Of Graphic Design Jakarta

I don’t think that the Indonesian library contains sufficient books on graphic design that supported the Indonesian universities. The Indonesian books condensed with other artistic methodological books and some translated books which discuss the basics of design, advertisement, and other topics that fall within the framework of advertisement.

There is a short understanding of the comprehensive concept of graphic design Jakarta. By advertisement, publicity or printing design these concepts are not properly represented because these things received little attention before the advent of computer in Indonesia.


The first and foremost thing in teaching graphic design is to promote the creativity factor and concentrate on the techniques and demonstration methods and provide the students the skills of this specialization to benefit from the study. The students can use the theories of graphic design which they learn to develop their own means of creativity and invention.

But the needs of students of graphic design should be considered. And the students who are expected to graduate by defining a systematic plan capable of gradually refining design to enable them to acquire expertise and techniques.

At the initial stage of graphic design the students will be introduced with graphic design history, manual skills, design, principles and techniques through computer to develop their capabilities in designing and creating advertisement campaigns or integrated projects that include logos, posters,internet homepage, and other materials which are essential for any graphic design.