An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

I applaud your work ethic, but I fail to see what your larger point is. Should Millennials like Talia Jane just keep their heads down because that’s the way things are? Being paid enough to live in the city in which you work is not an unreasonable demand. Many of the protections that American workers still enjoy, such as a minimum wage and healthcare benefits, exist because workers stood up and asked for them. Surely you’re aware that the recession has plunged millions of people with full time jobs into poverty. You rose above that, and while your hard work was no doubt an essential factor, so was luck. Therefore, when you write a letter eviscerating someone for asking their boss for more, and use your own success story as bedrock, you don’t come off like some sort of Millennial role model: you come off like a real jerk.