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I seriously did watch hours of documentaries yesterday, It started with one and then the rest just followed haha. I watched stories on Warren Buffett, Einstein, Dale Carnegie, Ray Croc (founder of McDonalds) and a few other influential names.

After watching their life stories and successes, I could see that they all had one common denominator that really stood out. What I gathered from all of them was one main characteristic which I feel separates them from the rest of us. And that was that they lived fulfilling their human need of expression!

What I mean by that is, we all have things we all love to do. Photographers love taking pictures and painters really love painting pictures! Doing the activity gives us freedom of expression and we get lost in the art of creating.

Warren Buffett — Oprah — Bill Gates

Einstein loved his numbers and knew he could solve unsolvable equations. Warren Buffett similar but his art was strategically investing in businesses he knew would make profit. Now I don’t want to go too far into detail, thats not the point of this article.

What I gathered from these people was the fact that they chose to stick to themselves and not follow the crowd. They were the quiet few that were slightly introverted and addicted to learning. They used their time lost in creativity, and through all of that, became very intelligent people. Those ‘weird’ people you’d see at school remember.

But you see, to ‘fit in’ our social environments is to follow the latest styles and trends. But strangely somewhere down the line of evolution, we created the negative notions that you were just ‘straight weird’ if you didn’t follow suit. And that if you were spotted doing what you actually loved doing ‘mathematics, art, photography, architect..’ etc then you didn’t fit in. You were odd. But as a matter of fact, doing what you love most is your expression and choice of creativity — your happiness.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”— Pablo Picasso

For some reason we designed catogories of what was cool purely by image and what you possessed rather than what you could actually contribute to people and what you could show the world. We lost the art of true expression and what it truly meant to be happy. It’s in the doing that gives us happiness and by creating our own masterpieces, is where we all wish to be. To express ourselves, through creativity, without being judged.

Martin Luther King Jnr

These powerful people had the courage to follow through and because they expressed themselves passionately through their work.. they played massive roles in history and have shaped parts of the world through business and art. Now to me, that’s ‘cool’..

Thanks for reading guys — my new favourite documentary of Warren Buffett linked below.