How to Start Your Own Blog

So, you’ve finally decided to start a blog? That’s great news! Having a blog in 2017 is easier than ever. There are many tools to help you get started and a lot of fantastic articles online to guide you through the process. I will try to name the basic steps when starting your blog and it’s up to you to create excellent and engaging content for your audience.

Where to Start?

The first thing you need to do is opt for a specific topic for your blog. Naturally, you can do this if you at least know which category is for you. Is it a travel blog, a lifestyle blog, a web development blog or something else? If you want to write about beauty and makeup, think about how you will do it. Will you just post photos and text, or will you also have video tutorials? Will you blog about luxurious brands or about cosmetics everyone can afford?

You can use this information to determine your target audience. This is important if you want to start making money from your blog sometime in the future. Determine who you are writing for, how will you promote it, and how you can make money from it. Call this you own little blog business plan.

When you have this settled, it’s time to start designing.

Make a Home for Your Blog

There are blogging platforms out there you can use to make your blog in a few clicks, but if you don’t like the limited options they are offering and were hoping to have more pages, you should definitely create a website for your blog.

If you decide to go with a website, think about whether or not you would like to hire someone to make it for you or if you would prefer to do it yourself. If you make a website yourself, it will be easier for you to maintain it later on and have everything under control.

If you have no idea about coding and making a website, don’t worry. There are tools for this, as well. They’re called website builders. Most website builders are really easy to use since they’re drag-and-drop based.

Do your research and choose the website builder that you think is the best for what you envisioned for your blog, but keep in mind you also need hosting and domain for your blog.

You can utilize a website builder, as many of them offer free hosting and a free sub-domain or the option to connect your existing domain.

Choose Your Blog’s Brand Identity

Just like any other product or service, your blog should be a brand that represents you in the best way. In the process of creating a brand start with the design, even though it’s not the only part of the branding process. You should also pick a voice and tone when speaking to your audience through text, images and videos. All of these will help you create a brand personality and identity for your blog.

When it comes to the visual identity, start with the logo. Create something memorable! Choose the fonts and colors that you like the best. After all, you are making this for yourself.

After identifying the colors for your blog, try to use them consistently throughout the design. This consistency will help people associate that particular color combination with you and your blog. So, choose wisely!

What Images to Include in Your Blog?

When you make a blog about fashion, travel, makeup and similar, it is expected of you to make your own photos. After all, these blogs do rely greatly on your personal experience. Needless to say, these photos need to be of high quality and present the topic in the best possible way!

However, if you decide to write about business or life topics, in general, you can’t take a photo of a dress and put it in the post. Well, you can, but it won’t be relevant. You can either make that relevant photo/picture yourself or find it online.

Should you decide to find it online, be careful to only use those with the permission for reuse. You can find these images on stock websites like Shutterstock, iStock, Depositphotos, Unsplash, Pixabay, etc. Some sites charge for the photos, others like Unsplash and Pixabay offer free photos with the CC0 licence. This means you can use the photos however you like without having to accredit the author.

After finding the right image to go with your text, try to make it even better. Crop it for the best fit on the page, add some filters to match your visual identity, play around with brightness and contrast. You can use Photoshop for this or online tools like Canva. The same goes for the photos you make yourself, unless you are making a photography blog and want to show your work without any retouching.

The more effort you put into your blog, the more personalized it will be. This is especially important in the process of building your brand.

Start Promoting Your Blog!

Now that you have made your beautiful new blog, you need to promote it! Start with social networks and choose the ones that fit your blog’s theme.

For example, if you have a beauty blog, the most logical social networks to go with are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, because they are “visual”, i.e. made for beautiful graphic content. The second reason for this is because your target audience is most likely to be found here.

Of course, you can add more networks, apps and platforms to this list, but make sure you have enough time to manage them all. Your blog’s page on any social network is only good if you update it regularly with new content.

Another great way to promote your blog and yourself as the author is with guest posts. Find industry-relevant websites that accept guest posts and suggest a topic you could write about. In the author’s bio be sure to mention your blog! This way you can reach an audience you probably couldn’t on Facebook. Well, at least not without paid ads.


With so many blogs online these days, you really do have to wonder how easy it is to make one. As you can see, it really is easy! Nevertheless, it does require your time and dedication if you want to make your blog the source of information for a lot of people and the first thing they go to when they have a question about a certain topic.

Hopefully, your efforts will pay off one day, when you start making money from your blog.

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