Ribbon and ECI as One Team

Mar 5 · 2 min read

Ribbon Communications Inc., a global software leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications Completes Merger with ECI Telecom Group Ltd., a global provider of end-to-end packet-optical transport and SDN/NFV solutions for service providers, enterprises, and data center operators.

The merger of Ribbon Communications, / ECI Telecom, announced in November has now closed.

The combination of Ribbon and ECI creates an industry-leading communications software and networking company with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced voice, security, data and optical networking solutions. In addition to extending the company’s solutions portfolio into adjacent markets, the merger advances Ribbon’s strategy of expanding into the service provider 5G data domain with bundled network analytics, intelligence and security offerings. The newly combined company allows Ribbon to enhance and broaden its existing customer offerings with ECI’s industry-leading packet optical transport solutions. The combination also enables Ribbon to significantly increase its scale, total addressable market and global footprint in service provider networks, enterprises and critical infrastructure companies, such as utilities and data center operators. In addition, the merger allows Ribbon to expand its relationships with fixed and mobile service providers, while also enabling the company to quickly capitalize on the highgrowth 5G market with ECI’s market-ready solutions.

How the merger with Ribbon benefits ECI Customers, please read here

Two are Better than One

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