How to Pay for Nutaku golds using Zencash

Nutaku is an adult gaming platform with primarily hentai and sex games. Now accept cryptocurrencies, so you can use your Zencash to buy ingame gold.

Gold is a currency that can be used across all Nutaku games to purchase items, upgrades, and more. For first time you can bought 1000 gold for 5$ only and when you verificate your email address you get 100 golds for free.

At first you start with signup on nutaku!

  • Fill email address, its good to use protonmail or tutanota for complete encrypted privacy and not your family friendly email.
  • your username
  • and password
  • to buy gold click on this button at header after login
  • there you select crypto currency as a payment method and then select the package of gold that you want and click on GET NOW!
  • than you will be redirect to probiller payment gateway where you select from dropdown menu ZenCash and when you click to proceed to purchace you will get the payment information
  • now you use zencash wallet to pay for your gold

After sending zencash you should wait for confirm and use your gold to PLAY!

  • for better understanding how wallet works you should watch this video

ZEN address for contributions:
transparent: znhABi73NQ32nZca1CCAVUi6RuKV168VrKb
shielded: zc8XrpnqRM2VNt7hd4V6snqtDthQKoBv9RYsTEnoZijwhGkavCAYchLzEwHEucYLJHZ434W94ksykraPnS9zjHA6NWEHPJx