How To Fix Chipped Teeth?

Bettie Glover
Jun 12, 2017 · 5 min read

Some people may have the tendency to chip the tooth more than others; however, if you fall into the category of normal ones, even then you may have to deal with it. This is why you will have to ensure that your teeth are not weak or teeth whitening treatment are not making it so. In some cases, people may expose the teeth to wear and tear in from of consuming unhealthy things. Similarly, accidents can also make you lose a part of the tooth, among other reasons. In simple words, there are multitude reasons that can worsen the condition; however, the tips discussed in this article can help you to deal with it.

Dental Bonding

Though the dental treatments are done in accordance with the nature of the damage to your teeth, however, if the chip is present in the frontal teeth, it will affect the appearance of your smile. Therefore, dental bonding is used to cover the missing part of the enamel in addition to covering the chip part of the teeth. The experts in the field can fix the issue in one sitting, as it repairs the teeth by filling. A composite resin similar to the tooth is filled to cover the gap or empty space. If you think that this process may be hard, you may be over-thinking because the procedure is fast and painless. This means that you may not need a kind of treatment to numb the tooth. The adhesive material is applied to the chipped area in order to connect the composite resin and dentist gives it a proper shape to match the natural teeth. Lastly, the ultraviolet lights facilitate in making the material stick and harden so that the treatment is completed.


This option is used for big chips or if your tooth is decayed to a large extent. Similarly, molar teeth chips can also need the crown, which is a cover in the form of a tooth that provides protection to the tooth root. Even though the material of crown is used to make it long-term solution, however, it can get damaged if proper care is not taken. Some of the crowns are made of metal, while others can be of ceramic, porcelain. If you are not sure about the choice of the material, you can do research to figure it out. The main purpose is to decrease the cost of the material and make it look good in addition to low maintenance.

Mostly, two visits are required to get the treatment of crowns; however, some of the cases may require a root canal. In the case of the root canal, you may be expected to visit in order to get the structure of the procedure first, as it helps to support the crown. The technology of x-rays can be used to detect the excessive part and to remove them from the mouth. The impressions of the crown in the mouth are taken to make the process a success. For instance, the process of lining up the crown is one of the main concerns. In the second stage, the temporary crown is replaced with a permanent one. It will also tell if the teeth are functioning properly and responding to the change.

Porcelain Veneer

This is also used to repair the chipped tooth by many dentists. The veneer is a thin material similar to shells of porcelain and it facilitates the process of covering the front part of the teeth. Though a thick part of the material acts as the filler, however, if it is weak, the results may not appear good. Some of the dentist uses one veneer to fix the tooth, but if you want to give your view or choice of the veneer, dentist welcomes it, especially if it is about the front teeth or your smile. In view of the success stories, one can say that veneer assists in repairing and hiding the flaws of the teeth. For instance, a crooked teeth or teeth full of stains are concealed with it.

In terms of the procedure, the dentist may remove the outer layer of your teeth to create space for the veneer. The second step is to coordinate the color of the veneer with the natural color of your teeth. The third stage will focus on getting the mold for your teeth. In the fourth stage, the mold is taken to make the measurements perfect for the teeth. And the second last stage revolves around the replacement of the temporary veneer with permanent options and it is hardened with cement and ultraviolet light.

Dental Implants

The removal of the tooth is recommended if the damage of the tooth goes beyond a limit, however, if it is within a safe limit, the above-mentioned options can be used. In the case of tooth removal, dentist suggests that you get the dental implants, as removal of the damaged teeth will help to heal the surface below the teeth as well. In the second stage, the metal part is added to make the process of inserting an implant easy. The implant is also carefully chosen so that it will not look odd in the mouth as compared to natural teeth. The main purpose of getting the treatment done is to safeguard the mouth from infections or conditions which may make it necessary for you to get the root canal treatment. In addition, it is important to follow the advice of the dentist to improve the healing.

Even though chipped tooth is not abnormal, however, if you think there is no need to get it fixed, you may be wrong, as the process of repair is not limited to the cosmetic reasons; the hygiene of the mouth is highly depended on it. Therefore, talking to your dentist about your concerns and getting the best treatment is the best approach. Furthermore, it can help to increase your confidence. Lastly, if you are not strictly following the advice of your dentist, you may make your mouth vulnerable to infections.

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