Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

I agree with this thoroughly, “The people who were responsible for nurturing and caring, the people who were responsible for maintaining social connections, have been sent into the coal mines because we didn’t value them. Because we disrespected them and humiliated them. And we’re all suffering for it.”

I see the suffering in the public schools, in religious organizations, in neighborhood friendliness.

But I don’t agree that women should go back to traditionally feminine “dependent” roles to bring back a kinder more connected society — instead, men need to step up! And we ALL need shorter work days and weeks (that which technology was supposed to bring but instead we got increased unemployment) so we can do this.

Betty Friedan wrote years ago about the downside of housewifery — home and children aren’t enough for many women (myself included), we WANT to do something intellectually satisfying.