Trump’s Transgender Military Ban: Jeanne’s Story

Meet Military Families Mobilize member and Navy veteran Jeanne and her son, Ryan. After serving her country honorably in the U.S. Navy, she now has to explain to Ryan why he is not allowed to follow in the footsteps of both his parents.

I’ve served in the Navy for 17 years, and my children have seen me in uniform for most of their lives. My youngest child is an athlete who pitches for his little league team, skateboards, and loves school. He also happens to be a transgender boy. Ever since he was in preschool, he has talked about wanting to join the military. When he was younger, he went to the Child Development Center on a Marine base and used to make me stop the car so he could watch the Marines march. He socially transitioned to being known as a boy when he was 8, but honestly not much changed except he got a haircut and we started saying “he.” He has been a boy all his life.
When I heard about the President’s ban on transgender service members, I was angry that the military I have been a part of for so long will now reject my child because of his gender. How can I be proud to serve an organization that would reject my child for such an arbitrary reason? I’ve talked to my son about the ban, as has his father, and these are my son’s thoughts:
“When my dad told me about the ban on transgender people in the military, I broke up in tears. I have wanted to be in the military all my life. Both my parents were in the Navy.
I really want to be in the military to follow after my parents, and to give back to my country, but if they don’t want extra soldiers then that’s their decision. I also want to play for the Red Sox.”

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