It all started from generics, originate from skillful origins, where has, every artist has their own unique set of styles and trademarks in terms of showing their talent on how to draw, especially when creating comics, drawing animations and character development. But, all cartoonist has something in common, and that is the ability to manipulate and illustrate their imaginations, which is for me personally, is way more interesting talent ever given to a person. All of the artist magnum opuses (Latin word for masterpieces) has a very distinctive aspect in terms of the quality, concept and the sense of perfection is visible through all of their works.

Pursuing this career is actually not a bad thing, because there is a gradually increase in terms of comic genre and also movie production and video game companies are also in need of such talented artist. But it does not change the fact that being an cartoon artist that has a creative concept mind-set, able to illustrate ideas, being manipulative on their drawings and an understanding of the tools and mediums involved in cartooning is very complex and challenging set of skills to acquire. But hey, it takes a lot of practice and patience just able to accomplish such skills set of being a true cartoonist.

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