History of Cartoons

Do you ever ask yourself, “where do cartoons came from? And who invented it?”. Actually it all starts 40,000 BC in Africa. Whereas ancient humans drew some of the very first character art on the walls of their living caves, and most of the drawings are illustration of large wild animals such as lion, elephant, monkey, etc. Moving forward to Ancient Greece where the Greeks were some of the first to create what are called Mosaics 4,000 BC. These were pictures created using all kinds of organic or inorganic materials and put together, kind of like jigsaw puzzles.

Furthermore, popularity of cartoons really grew as the time pass by, they were first published in the form of comic strips in major newspapers. Intentionally made to make fun of local and global issues around the world, and to illustrate stories. Here, people across the world especially kids began to appreciate and see different cartoon pictures placed side by side, where each one them has a concept and story to tell. And during 1960s, suddenly televisions were everywhere, and the demand for cartoons came from TV networks as well as movie theaters. As technology has improved, then the ability to produce cartoons more quickly and way more interesting is in our hands.

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