Bringing Multisig Wallets to Cardano Through Milkomeda C1 (Catalyst Proposal Completed!)

What Does Multisig Mean?

Setting up a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet on the Milkomeda C1
  • Protection from rogue individuals stealing a wallet’s private key and gaining unauthorized access to the assets in that wallet.
  • Protection from one individual making a colossal error and sending the assets into oblivion or accidentally selling them for much less than they’re worth.
  • Security in the event of the death of the single person who controls the wallet containing a company’s or DAO’s assets.

What is Gnosis Safe?

What Was in the Proposal?

What Work has Been Completed?

Milkomeda C1 Gnosis Safe Dashboard

What Does This Bring to the Cardano Ecosystem?

A Safer Cardano: Thank You Catalyst!



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