Milkomeda Accelerator: Introducing CreamTank

What is CreamTank?

CreamTank is the first lending and borrowing protocol for over-collateralized loans in the Milkomeda ecosystem. Users looking to be lenders on CreamTank provide liquidity to pools of select assets. In return, they receive a pro-rata distribution of interest rates for loans issued through that pool. Borrowers borrow assets from these pools by depositing their accepted collateral.

What CreamTank Brings to Milkomeda

Lending and borrowing is one of the fundamentals that underpins a successful DeFi ecosystem on any blockchain. The CreamTank protocol allows users of Milkomeda to unlock the liquidity of the tokens they currently hold while keeping total custody of those assets. CreamTank allows users to maximize the use of their funds on Milkomeda, be it by borrowing or lending through the CreamTank protocol.

The Team Behind CreamTank

There are ten team members behind the CreamTank protocol. The core team comes from various backgrounds and has experience in financial and DeFi protocol development spaces. Members of the team have successfully developed multiple DeFi protocols on EVM chains and are developing CreamTank because they say, “there should be a lending and borrowing protocol on Milkomeda.”



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