Milkomeda Accelerator: Introducing the Djed Alliance

What is Djed?

Djed is an algorithmic crypto-backed stablecoin protocol that is managed by smart contracts and acts like a fully autonomous central bank, buying and selling stablecoins and reservecoins to maintain the stablecoin’s peg. The Djed stablecoin protocol is platform-independent and can be deployed on any chain.

What the Djed Alliance Brings to Milkomeda C1?

The Djed Alliance brings the algorithmically crypto-backed Djed stablecoin to the Milkomeda sidechain providing users with one of the fundamental elements necessary for DeFi to operate on a mass scale. Djed’s formally verified, algorithmic and crypto-backed nature provide assurance to Djed users of its ability to weather the storm and keep its peg in tumultuous market conditions.

Who is Djed Alliance?

The Djed Alliance is an open and free association of entities, individuals and organizations, with the common goals of researching, developing, deploying and using Djed, the first stablecoin protocol where stability claims have been mathematically proven and formally verified.



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