My Entire Gossip Girl Observations After Watching It 9 Years Later
Sheree Joseph

You forgot about the Vitamin Water promotion EVERYWHERE and Jenny’s awful hair in season 3. Vanessa’s extensions were awful, too. Also whoever did Jenny’s eye makeup probably looked up how to do a smoky eye on YouTube and failed miserably but continued to think it was how you did it. Also, if the Humphrey’s were supposed to be less affluent, why is the Loft HUGE?! Realistically, they’d have a much smaller apartment. The Loft is probably 10k a month, and Rufus doesn’t work at all, so how the hell do they pay for it? And how Serena is like “I have to go” with the awkward look almost every episode. Jenny should have been Gossip Girl, it would have been the funniest thing ever. It could also explain why she’s such a bitch and trying to ruin everything.

xoxo Gossip Girl

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