I’m going to be brutally honest.

People like the author moving to super high cost of living areas for the desirability/coolness factor are the reason why economics of low skilled labor are out of whack in the Bay Area.

Economics wise, the author, and many people in the Bay Area, should instead be working in a cheaper but less desirable location where low skill wages can afford a better lifestyle. Instead because of the “desirability/coolness” of SF/NYC they live there driving the supply artificially high and thus wages low.

If all of a sudden, millennials did what made sense instead of what their emotions want in terms of working location, less low skill labor would be in NYC/SF and thus wages for that labor would rise to a level that makes sense.

There are sacrifices to make if you want to live in a “desirable/cool” place as a low skill employee .Unfortunately the author misses this point just like so many other low skill millennial labor in SF and it doesn’t seem like this problem is changing anytime soon…

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