In just the last three weeks, I’ve had multiple people tell me that they’ve shied away from applying to particular jobs.

What were the jobs? Ones for which they didn’t meet 100% of the desired qualifications or experience.

They assumed that applying for jobs where they don’t meet all the qualifications would automatically be a waste of time because they’d be rejected. Even if they met 60% or more of the requirements. Even if they were excited about the job opportunity or it was the best next step to take for their career.

As humans, we have a tendency to…

As a millennial, I’ve been defined by the Great Recession.

In the summer of 2008, I sat in my cubicle in the HR department of a federal defense agency and watched President Bush make the announcement about the economic collapse.

In that moment, I flashed back to hearing my English teacher say the words “what do you mean a plane hit the World Trade Center?” as his daughter spoke frantically to him over the phone.

I’m certainly not trying to equate the lives lost to terrorism with a financial meltdown, but these are events which have shaped the lives of…

Kate Tudoreanu

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