Penn State: Student-led dating app goes viral and gets $3.5 million in funding

It’s been a while since the online dating industry has done anything new and exciting. We’ve all become pretty used to swiping through hundreds of profiles and ignoring the many “Hey, how are you?” and “Sups”… that’s all about to change though.

Execs at Netflix, Tinder, AirBnB, Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, Twitter, and many more secret high profile investors TBA, just took a $3.5 million bet on a free live speed dating app that recently went viral in LA and launched in PSU. That makes Dandy the highest-funded dating start-up to date.

The current state of online dating summed up

Meet… “Dandy” — the placeholder name while the app’s in stealth, invite-only early access. While the app is free, it is invite-only and you must apply to join on their site. However, just like Raya, people are already charging as much as $700 under the table to ambassadors just for guaranteed fast-tracked early access.

So, what’s the difference?

It works pretty simply, Dandy’s app only goes live once per day for 15 minutes.

This way Dandy focuses on high quality, efficient and fun interactions…. vs the hundreds of matches with 0 convos.

How does it work?

When the app goes live you first answer an ice breaker question that everyone else also sees when they view your profile. You have 2 minutes to answer this.

Then, you start seeing people’s profiles. While you see their profiles, they see your profile in real-time on their phone too. You both then have a set amount of seconds to decide to like each other. If it’s an instant match you then connect for 10 minutes to enter a live chat! Then, if you decide you want to continue talking you can exchange numbers after.

Like speed dating every night… but from the comfort of your phone.

With my own experience of it, it’s pretty nerve-wracking but exciting. The app’s Co-Founders, Leor Massachi and Daniel Newman, are the two young entrepreneurs who created the app while at USC, and who in true Silicon Valley fashion have dropped out at the age of 21. In an exclusive interview, the duo told us that the core value of the app is to create meaningful connections and move them into real life as quickly as possible. By going live only at one time, and for such a short amount of time, the app intends to focus on quality.

Quantity vs quality kills online dating

The issue with most dating apps these days is that there are so many matches and barely any messages or dates coming from them, “Dandy” wants to change precisely that. By showing both parties each other’s profiles at the same time in real life, and then putting them into an immediate live chat for 10 minutes only, the app wants to make online dating feel authentic again. No strategically waiting an hour, then forgetting you were meant to reply and continuing to endlessly match more and more while you watch The Office for the 80th time.

If you want to get on, download Dandy for free on:

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