Millennials’ gap

By Diana

Last week, I had a Skype call with Oliver and after going through some discussions regarding our professional life, we came to the familiar subject of what and how we are going to proceed in the future.

Almost every millennial understands us and our struggle. You know it, you’ve all seen Simon Sinek’s famous video about Millennials in the Workplace and probably most of you could relate to what he was explaining. Add to this Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Why ‘A’ students work for ‘C’ students and ‘B’ students work for the Government” and James Altucher’s website and you will conclude that school fucked you up big time. So there we have these three amazing persons trying to make us understand why we are the way we are (including our actions, thoughts etc.) and then guess what? Yes, luckily we have some great solutions and insights from Gary Vaynerchuk or Mel Robbins about execution.

Let me do a short recap — we are “psychologically treated” by some of the greatest people out there to understand our past, present and what we can do in the future in order to achieve professional success! We have our mentors online providing videos or messages at least once per week and we proudly and knowingly share their content. The feeling of inspiration and smartness kicks in, you can already visualize the moment you will become a superstar in your field but after that… Yes, same point zero. YOU.DO.NOTHING

Oh wait, I do! I go out and network while drinking a beer or two… or three… or more. Fuck it! I will never have these years again; besides I want great stories for my grandchildren. Yeah, I heard that excuse a lot. Or let me give you another one — I am so tired I need to play a game. But wait, my personal excuse it’s actually better — I read a book about business! And after that some great articles and then another five star book, most probably written by one of the awesome guys mentioned above and guess what happens after that — I.DO.NOTHING

Actually we do anything (be it our daily job, university, hanging out with friends, gaming, dating, reading and so on) BUT executing towards our dreams.

I wonder what is the missing element between being aware of the next steps needed to achieve our dreams and the action of doing it. I think I could hear Gary answering “I tell you what is the missing element — laziness! Now go and execute!”. He may be right, the Gary inside my mind, but how come that we are not so lazy with things that are not very important? Let me give you an example. I have this friend who is absolutely crazy about the entertainment industry. As far as I’ve observed, she would be perfect within it but she focuses on university and I know that on her list of priorities the entertainment industry is above the university. And she is not the only example, most of the millennials that I have met show the same behavior, including me.

Do I miss something from the big picture? How can we fill this gap and start executing?

P.S. I’ve actually discovered Mel and her work recently and I totally recommend the video below