Millennial Leaders Endorse Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Young people have been at the forefront of every major struggle in our country to make real the promise of democracy. During the last election cycle, our generation played a pivotal role in bringing economic and racial justice to the forefront of political dialogue, and now we are marching in the streets, rallying at airports, and at town halls resisting Donald Trump’s cabinet and his agenda of hatred and greed.

As millennials, we are the future of the Democratic Party and in order to ensure a sustainable, winning coalition, we need a chair who will unite the Party and open its doors to all the young people who are already leading our movements. We need a chair who will prioritize a 50-state plan to build grassroots organization, drive massive voter registration, and ensure that the ballot is accessible to young people and people of color. We want a chair who will fight to win a democracy for all and overcome the profound crises of our time — from catastrophic climate change to systemic racism, historic economic inequality to perpetual war.

That’s why we endorse Representative Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. We believe he can activate the millennial base of the party by working with the movements we have powered.

Representative Ellison has discussed how important it is to create a candidate pipeline that will actually reflect our communities. He is committed to building a Democratic Party that undeniably represents everyday American voters, not billionaire big donors. And Representative Ellison has said that any winning formula for the Democratic Party means to build a vision and an agenda that will speak to working class people of all races.

At a time when it is more important than ever to have true fighters defending our democracy, our lives, and our communities, he will bring new energy to the Democratic Party.


*organizations listed for identification purposes only

Moumita Ahmed, Millennials for Revolution, District 13 House

Erika Andiola, Political Director, Our Revolution

Dante Barry, Executive Director, Million Hoodies

Yong Jung Cho, #AllofUs

Alexandra Flores-Quilty, former President, United States Student Association & #AllofUs Organizer

Kai Newkirk, Co-Founder & Mission Director, Democracy Spring

Kunoor Ojha, Student Organizing Director, Bernie 2016; Hillary for America

Shailene Woodley, Actor & Activist

Claire Sandberg, Bernie 2016 Digital Organizing Director (primary); MoveOn 42-State Member Mobilization Director (general)

Waleed Shahid, #AllofUs

Nelini Stamp, Working Families Party

Linda Sarsour, Activist, National Co-Chair, Women’s March on Washington

Neidi Dominguez, Director of Worker Center Partnerships, Deputy Director of Community Engagement, AFL-CIO

Carmen Perez, Executive Director, Gathering for Justice; National Co-Chair, Women’s March on Washington

umi selah, Co-Director, The Dream Defenders

Leah Hunt-Hendrix, Founder, Solidaire

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Editor In Chief, Muslim Girl

Richard Graves, Board Chair, Climate Hawks Vote & Founder, Solidaire

Gregory Cendana, Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO

Renaldo Pearson, National Coordinating Committee, Democracy Spring

Benjamin O’Keefe, Former Senior Social and Cultural Director at & co-founder AOKBOK

Shannon Jackson, Executive Director, Our Revolution

Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director, Political Action

Kendrick Sampson, Actor & Activist

David Duhalde, Deputy Director, Democratic Socialists of America

Kyle Machado, Organizing Director for Our Revolution

Meredith Horowski, Global Campaign Director, Global Zero

Ahmed Khan, former Deputy Executive Director at Draft Biden 2016

Julia Walsh, Campaign Director, FrackAction

Aaron Regunberg, Rhode Island State Representative, Resist Hate RI

Lauren Windsor, Executive Director, American Family Voices

Maria Langholz, Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Will Guzzardi, State Representative, Illinois 39th District; Sanders Delegate to DNC

Melissa Barber, Democratic Party Precinct Chair and Former DNC Rules Committee Member (2016)

Yotam Marom, Wildfire Project

Joseph Huff-Hannon, Senior Campaigner, Avaaz

Phil Aroneanu, Co-Founder,

Melissa Byrne, DNC Vice Chair candidate; former National GOTV Digital Director, Bernie 2016

Kenneth Theodore, Black Lives Matter of Greater New York

Kenneth Shelton, Community/Youth Organizer, Black Lives Matter of Greater New York

Erica Lee, AAPI Outreach Coordinator at Bernie 2016, District 13 House

Brianna Tong, Chicago Student Action, a branch of The People’s Lobby

Alex van Schaick, Counsel, Communications Workers of America

Jeremiah Lowery, Steering Committee, DC for Democracy

Cynthia Martinez, TX National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee State Leadership (Corpus Christi)

Elijah Bidwell, El Paso National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee Metro Committee

Sean Perry, Florida National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee State Leadership Council

Shayla Walsh, Labor Organizer, National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee

Arianne Rodrigues, National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee

Duncan Meisel, Senior Digital Campaigns Manager, and 350 Action

Dan Sherrell, NY Renews

Ryan Doyle, Executive Director, Change Corps

Hector Sigala, Former Social Media Director, Bernie 2016

Neil Sroka, Communications Director, Democracy for America

Marta Turnbull, Co-Founder, Up North Pride

Aaron Brown, Board Member, Oregon Walks

Darius Gordon, Lead Organizer NYC Chapter, Citizen Action of New York

Dan Apfel, Croatan Institute; former Executive Director, Responsible Endowments Coalition

Desiree Kane, National Engagement Director, People for Bernie

Aija Nemer-Aanerud, Student Action Director, People’s Action

Dylan Amlin, Student Action Field Director, People’s Action

Jordan Marie Daniel, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Rising Hearts Coalition

Justin Strekal, Political Director, NORML

Thabit Pulak, Founder, iKormi; AB Duke Scholar, Duke University

Tyler Nickerson, The Solutions Project

Karthik Ganapathy, former New Hampshire Communications Director, Bernie 2016

Vivek Kembaiyan, Press Secretary, Democracy for America

Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš, Founder & Director, Azul

Stephen Miles, Win Without War

Harry Waisbren, Co-Founder,

Joe Dinkin, Working Families Party

Curt Ries, Deputy Mission Director, Democracy Spring

Kevin O’Donnell, Ohio Student Association

Amanda Johnson, Working Families Party

Mindy Isser, Organizer, SEIU

Max Stahl, Director of Political Engagement, Democracy Matters

Angelo Greco, Surrogates Manager, Hillary for America 2016

Maxwell John Love, former President, US Student Association

M. Kamau Chege, Co-Founder, Washington Dream Coalition; #AllOfUS

Max Cotterill, Digital Organizing at Bernie 2016, NextGen Climate, and KnockEveryDoor

Shilpa Joshi, Organizing Director, Renew Oregon

Chandra V. Paetsch, Our Revolution, formerly SEIU 503

Evan Weber, U.S. Climate Plan

Matt Cordeiro, Northeast Student Power Network

Anthony Torres, #AllOfUS, SustainUS

Leewana Thomas, Northeast Coordinator, OUR Walmart; former National Coordinator, USAS

Rob Friedman, Campaigner, Natural Resources Defense Council; Board, Power Shift Network

Julio Daniel Diaz, Hillary for America; Political Operations Coordinator, Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Adam Greenberg, SustainUS, IfNotNow

Ariel Richer, Rising Hearts Coalition

Ian Schiffer, National Director, Young Progressives Demanding Action

Emilia Gonzalez, Avalos Unidos Votamos MN

Monica Mohapatra, the Laura Flanders Show, Equality Labs

Día Bùi, Founder and Director, United We Slam

Rosie O’Brien, Real Food Challenge, Democracy Spring

Aly Johnson-Kurts, SustainUS

Joshua A. Clennon, Black Progressives

Molly Grover, Save Main St, Rebel & Resist

Phillip Kim, Assembly District 8 Delegate, CA Democratic Party

Nick Gauthier, CT Progressives

Sam Ghazey, Digital Organizing at Bernie 2016, NextGen Climate, and KnockEveryDoor

Zackary Reinhardt, Michigan for Revolution

Michael Lee, Assembly District 18 Delegate, CA Democratic Party

Porsche Middleton, Assembly District 8 Delegate, CA Democratic Party

Becca Rast,

Sam Adler-Bell, Write/Activist

Benjamin Becker, Assembly District 17 Delegate, Bernie 2016 Delegate

Andres Ramos, 2016 CA Presidential Elector, CA Democratic Party Delegate, 2016 Bernie Delegate,

Zachary Denney, Member, SJCDCC; California DSCC Delegate AD-13

Diane Russell, Former Maine State Representative; leader of the Superdelegate movement

Ricardo Williams, Orlando for Revolution

Garrett Blad, Executive Coordinator, SustainUS

Sara Blazevic, IfNowNow

Sophie Lasoff, Ayni Institute, IfNowNow

Nik Dodani, Actor, Comedian, and Activist; formerly and Elizabeth Warren for MA

Jonny Griffith, Chair of the Utah County Democrats

Christopher Myers, California Assembly District 4 Delegate

Lee Ziesche, Documentary filmmaker

Nikhil Goyal, Random House author and public education activist

Nate Ruby, Field Director, Senator Patrick Leahy

Brandon Maheu, National Director of State Campaigns & NH Primary Director, Bernie 2016

Maia Rosenberg, District 13 House

Ricky Ly, Orange County Florida Democratic Executive Committee; National AAPI for Bernie team

Mallory Anderton, National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee — Southern Division

Hannah Zimmerman, youngest ever National Credentials Committee Member, 2016 DNC

Alex Auriema, Showing Up For Racial Justice, Cambridge, MA

Christine Wood, Organizer, Climate Reality Project; Delegate for Bernie 2016

Harrison Weber, Organizer, California Nurses Association / National Nurses United

Derek Lane, VP of Membership, ME Young Dems; ME Democratic Party Executive Committee Member

Ernesto Medina, Board Member, People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami Dade

Linh Nguyen, National Political & Constituency Outreach, Bernie 2016

Oliver Larkin, Digital Strategist at Revolution Messaging, Regional Field Director Bernie 2016

Benjamin Bradlow, Somerville, MA Ward 3 Democratic Party Committee

Nicola Auriema, Member, Democratic Socialists of America

Hannah Fertig, former Regional Digital Organizing Director Bernie 2016, NextGen Climate, KnockEveryDoor

Xavier Pérez, Membership Director, Manhattan Young Democrats

Emma Zschunke, Former Regional Field Director, Bernie 2016 and Coordinated Campaign MN DFL

Joel Solow, labor organizer, member Democratic Socialists of America

Leo Gertner, Law Fellow, SEIU, former staffer SEIU 615; member Democratic Socialists of America

Simon Davis-Cohen, Writer/Activist

Mansur Gidfar, former Communications Director, Represent.Us; Director, Down-Ballot Revolution

Julia Barnes, former National Field Director and New Hampshire State Director, Bernie 2016

Andrea Perez, Board Member, People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami Dade, FL

Shane McKibben, former National Out-of-State Lead Organizer, Bernie 2016

Stan Williams, Labor Organizer/Activist, People for Bernie

Eric R. Sannerud, Farmer at Mighty Axe Hops

Filiberto Nolasco Gomez, Researcher at SEIU

Ashley Fairbanks, Anishinaabe Artist & Organizer

Emily Mayer, IfNotNow

Shauna Valdez, Secretary of DFL Latino Caucus, MN-DFL State Central Committee, 2016 Bernie Delegate

Brandon Schorsch, Platform Committee Member, MN-DFL

Maria Carrillo, Member of Orange County DEC; 2016 Sanders Delegate

Andrew Shelton, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma; Coordinating Committee, Young Democratic Socialists; City of Boston Ward 15 Democratic Committee

Malcolm Bates, Democratic Socialists of America

Jen Ramos, Deputy Communications Director, TX Young Dems; National Bernie DNC Delegate

Kim McMurray, National Training Director at Bernie 2016

Ryan Madden, Long Island Progressive Coalition, Showing Up For Racial Justice Long Island

Rose Espinola, Former Virginia State Field Director for Bernie 2016

Bianca Cunningham, Organizer, CWA District 1; Chair of Labor Branch, Democratic Socialists of America

Avram Reisman, Just Foreign Policy

Joshua Youngerman, Grassroots Action NY

Howard Watts III, Nevada Activist & Organizer

Swathi Shanmugasundaram, District 12 Delegate, MI Democratic Party

Collin Rees, SustainUS

Matt Haney, Commissioner, San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education

Chris Bangert-Drowns, United States Student Association, Student Labor Action Project

Amirah Sequeira, Legislative Advocate, National Nurses United

Sean Estelle, Power Shift Network

Zack Malitz, Deputy Digital Organizing Director, Bernie 2016; former Campus Program Director, NextGen Climate

Kazu Haga, East Point Peace Academy

Jillian Riley, Legislative Intern, State Senator, Terry Van Duyn

Guido Girgenti, 350 Action

Kamaal Thomas, Fellow, DNC Hope Institute

Christopher Cooke, Young Democrats of Utah; Regional Field Organizer, Human Rights Campaign

Elise Nabors, Social Media Specialist, National Nurses United

Caleb-Michael Files, Millennials for Revolution; Former Digital Director North Carolina, NextGen Climate

Jess Dervin-Ackerman, Assembly District Delegate, CA Democratic Party

Mariel Brown-Fallon, Field Organizer and Scheduling & Advance, Bernie 2016

Todd Zimmer, former National Political Field Organizer, 350 Action

Shaun Carland, Software Engineer, Yesware
Mickey San Miguel, Colorado Rising; Data Engineer, ActivateNow

James Cersonsky, Director, Pennsylvania Student Power Network

Benjamin Curtis, Assistant Camp Director, YouthCARE

Casey Pease, 1st Congressional District Director, Young Democrats of MA; former Organizer Bernie 2016

K.C. Alvey, Board Member, Long Island Progressive Coalition

Bradley Heinz, Engineer, Welkin Health

M. Zachary Mezera, Executive Director, Providence Student Union

Anna Dardick, former Digital Outreach Manager, Movement 2016

Lindsey Smith, Law Students RISE: Resisting Injustice and Standing for Equality

Cara Bates, former Organizer at Bernie 2016

Seth Leibson, UAW 2865 and Democratic Socialists of America

Adam Hasz, Fossil Free MIT

Rose Robb, Stop Our Silence, MIT

Angelica Rivera, Regional Board Member, Citizen Action of Western New York

Samantha Nephew, Organizer, Citizen Action of Western New York

Aaron Greenberg, Alder for Ward 8, City of New Haven

Elizabeth Lee, College Students for Bernie, Young Progressives Demanding Action

Emily Robinson, Actor, Writer, Director, and Activist

Nick E. Smith, J.D., Deputy Chief of Staff, New York City Council

Regina Zweng, Palm Beach County Outreach Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America

Alyssa Lee, Campus Organizer, Better Future Project

Stevens Orozco, Raw Politics

Nick Martin, Organizer, Lancaster Against Pipelines

Nida Allam, Third Vice Chair, North Carolina Democratic Party

Ryan Camero, California Student Sustainability Coalition

Lisa Hu, Fellow, DNC Hope Institute; Fellow, Young People For

Nick Espinosa, Our Revolution MN — Twin Cities

Jackson Hyland-Lipski, Head of Web Development, Women’s March

John Qua, U.S. Field Organizer, Global Zero

Kurt Walters, Demand Progress

Patrick Moran, Fossil Free MIT

Colby Reed, Co-Founding Member of High Schoolers for Bernie; member, Young Democratic Socialists

Carli Stevenson, Demand Progress; former IN Political Director, NH Deputy Communications Director, Bernie 2016

Natalia Abrams, Student Debt Crisis

Eliza Klein, Divest Williams

Raven Geiger, Mount Holyoke Climate Justice Coalition/Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign for MHC

Senowa Mize-Fox, Member Organizer United Electrical Workers (UE)

Steven L. Webb II, Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

Lucy Sedgwick, Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Max Socol, National Organizer, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Austen Levihn-Coon, Chief Innovation Officer, Fission Strategy

Margaret Klein Salamon, The Climate Mobilization

Ashik Siddique, The Climate Mobilization

Spencer Carnes, Organizer, Bernie 2016; Campus Organizing Director, Hillary for Colorado

Evan LeBrun, State Field Director, Bernie 2016; Maine Democratic Party

Kolby Duhon, Executive Vice President, TX Young Dems; Board Member, NARAL Pro Choice TX

Amber Ruther, Boston College

Fawaz Anwar, President of College Democrats at The University of Texas at Dallas

Priyanka Chatterjee, Fossil Free MIT

Faiza N. Ali, Muslim Democratic Club of New York

Lauren Scheiderer, Bernie 2016, NextGen Climate, Knock Every Door

Charlie Jiang, #AllofUs, 350 DC

Yannai Kashtan, Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice

Julia Berkman-Hill, Bowdoin Climate Action, IfNotNow

Pele IrgangLaden, IfNotNow

Christina Stenstrom, Sierra Club

Claire Wyatt, Director, Virginia Student Power Network

Kevin Lata, Organizer Bernie 2016; Regional Field Director, NH Democratic Party

Fredy Ramirez Jr., Program Advisor, National Teen Leadership; Fellow, Young People For Fellow

Michael Jorell Reyes, Membership Director, CHISPAS UF

Fera Dayani, Assembly District 7 Delegate, CA Democratic Party

J.D. Garcia, Assembly District 7 Delegate, CA Democratic Party

Javier Ontiveros, TX National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee State Leadership Council (El Paso)

Jennie Kim, New Sector Alliance (Twin Cities)

Maddy Salzman, 350 DC

Armani Madison, Fellow — DNC Hope Institute, Venture for America, Young People For

Tahil Sharma, UN Youth Rep, Parliament of the World’s Religions; Religious Director, USC

Sarah Shoemaker, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Malaysia

Luísa Abbott Galvão, DC Ready for Warren, Brazilian Expats for Democracy

Matthew Perry, Showing Up For Racial Justice, Rhode Island

Grayson Lookner, Former Bernie 2016 & Maine Democratic Party Staff

Michael Manansala, Co-Chair, Out in Public at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Rio Tazewell, People For the American Way

Aisha Naseem, Campaign Manager, Represent.Us; former Deputy Digital Director, Bernie 2016

Milicent Dranoff, Development Associate, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Kayla Glick, Field and Communications Associate, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Mike Curran, Maine People’s Alliance, Patrick’s Cabaret

Amanda Weaver, Executive Director, Reclaim Chicago

Tyler Kissinger, Organizer, American Federation of Teachers

Alex Morgan, Executive Director, Progressive Turnout Project

Michelle Reyf, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Matthew Miles Goodrich, former Organizer 350 Action

Sean Omar Rivera, VP, Progressive Democrats at UTSA; Bexar County Democratic Party Precinct Chair 3058

Jon Mermelstein, Binghamton Progressives

Croix Clayton, Our Revolution MN

Patty O’Keefe, State Level Policy Coordinator, MN350

Joshua Nodiff, Co-Founder, Committee of Students Against Injustice; United Student/Labor Action Coalition

Emily Kirkland, Director of Organizing, 350 Mass

Joshua E. Cardenas, former San Francisco Youth Commissioner

Emily Southard, Campaign Director,

Matthew Carter, MoveOn United Against Hate 2016, Indivisible NC

Candice Fortin, Organizer, Democracy Spring; former Community Engagement Lead #VOTEPROCHOICE

Adina Alpert, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Abaki Beck, Founder, POC Online Classroom

Anjuli Kronheim Katz, Southern California Regional Organizer, Bend the Arc

Jonathan Abboud, Vice President, Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees

Mario Ferone, Tim Canova for Congress, Dean for NY 2016, Bernie 2016

Christian Bowe, Democratic Socialists of America

Margaret McLaughlin, Democratic Socialists of America

Spencer Brandt, UCSM Campus Democrats Isla Vista Community Services District

Wiyaka Eagleman, Sacred Stone Camp

Belinda Rodriguez, Board, Power Shift Network

Hibba Meraay, Organizer and Advocate

Andrew Smith, Carnegie Mellon Physics Department

Ben LaZebnik, former Lead Activist, Columbia University College Dems

Sara Shor, US Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground Campaign Manager, and 350 Action

Francisco Proskauer, MIT

Louis Di Paolo, Councilman, Dumont, New Jersey

Tania Maduro, National Coordinating Committee, Democracy Spring

Paul Quinonez Figueroa, Advocacy Director, Washington Dream Coalition

Zach Zeliff, Zephyr Teachout 2016; Co-Manager, Eric Kingson for Congress

Adam Eichen, Democracy Fellow, Small Planet Institute; Board Member, Democracy Matters

Carrie Sterns, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Jenson Cook, Former OOS Lead Organizer, Bernie 2016; Maine Democratic Party

Harman Droge, Campus Organizer, Bernie 2016; Hillary for America

Jessica Early, Rights and Democracy Vermont

Kachina Mooney, Organizer and Strategist, WV Progressive Movement

Caroline Mak, Core Organizer, MIT Democrats; Our Revolution Cambridge

James Davis, MA State Director, Democracy for America

Francisco Díez Buzo, Brooklyn Organizing Committee Member, Democratic Socialists of America

Nicole Leigh Harris, The Climate Mobilization

Christopher Mendoza, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Macalester College Student Government

Daniel Doubet, Organizer, Erie, PA

Abbie Plouff, Humphrey School for Public Affairs; Environmental Organizer, Northeast Minnesota

Ruby Levine, Cooperative Organizer, Minnesota

Tristan Glowa, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Alaska

Mike Barney, former Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Bernie 2016

Jerald Lentini, It Starts Today

Erik Hatlestad, New London, MN City Council

Huey Rey Fischer, former member of Texas Democratic Party’s Executive Committee

Zack Avre — Urban Planner, Truman Scholar, Brooklyn, NY

Carter Case, Conservation Chair, Washington Native Plant Society

Rachel Goldstein, IfNotNow, 350 DC

Sam Miller McDonald, Managing Editor at

Kevin Chavis, SEIU Local 26, Our Revolution MN

Christian O’Rourke, #AllOfUs, Colorado

Peter James Callahan, Progressive Journalist & Communications Consultant

Lindsay Meiman,

Nick Guthman, Former President of American University College Democrats

Matt Maiorana, Oil Change International &

Lauren Taylor, Member, DC Democratic Socialists of America

Joanna Zhang, Creative Lead, Rhode Island Public Health Institute

Natalie Hoidal, former Fulbright Scholar; Garden Coordinator, Red Cross Asylum Center

Matthew Berg, Graduate Student at Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of MN — Master’s of Public Policy

(AP Photo / Molly Riley)