Millennials Tell Tom Perez: There’s Still a Fight within the Democratic Party

We are disappointed in the outcomes of the DNC Winter Meeting this morning. From failing to reinstate the ban on corporate lobbyist donations to electing Tom Perez as DNC Chair, the party has failed to hear our concerns. This morning the Democratic Party faced a choice — to reassure the establishment and their corporate donors, or to engage and empower the people they’ve alienated — and they made their choice clear.

At the DNC Winter Meeting, the Democratic Party establishment rejected the opportunity to stand with the grassroots and follow the leadership of the millions of voters joining the resistance to Trump. ​Our message is simple: The Democratic Party cannot continue to choose the entrenched views of the establishment over the demands of the grassroots and expect the base to simply fall in line with an agenda designed by consultants and billionaire donors.

The Democratic Party is severely divided. But the divide is not simply left versus right — it’s top versus bottom. ​The Democratic Party establishment continues to side with billionaire donors and consultants, rather than with working-class people and the grassroots. The Party leadership continues to side with the usual suspects who failed to stop Trump, instead of the millennials leading our movements today. We will continue our fight both inside and outside the Democratic Party for the fundamental rights and dignities that all people of this country need and deserve.

The offer of the Deputy Chair position to Keith Ellison is a clear sign that the Party’s establishment sees the millennial-led progressive insurgency as a growing threat. But it does nothing to change the fact that today’s outcome means Democrats are still unwilling to break with corporate donors and be the unapologetically progressive Party of the People that America needs.

We are the people organizing, marching, canvassing, and phone-banking to create a democracy for all.​ We believe our support should be earned. That’s why we will continue to demand a Democratic Party that can actually be a vehicle for resisting Donald Trump and solving the crises in our country today. We renew our demand for new leadership in the Democratic Party from the local to national level. While the Democratic Party establishment continues to waver and equivocate on how to firmly oppose Trump, we will keep fighting for our country, our communities, and for working-class people whose lives are on the line.

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Erika Andiola, Political Director, Our Revolution; Dreamer Nelini Stamp, Working Families Party Waleed Shahid, #AllofUs Caleb-Michael Files, Millennials for Revolution; former Digital Director, NextGen Climate North Carolina Collin Rees, SustainUS & #AllofUs Maria Langholz, Climate Activist Yong Jung Cho, #AllofUs Moumita Ahmed, Co-Founder, Millennials for Revolution; The People for Bernie Sanders Kai Newkirk, Co-Founder / Mission Director, Democracy Spring Sean Estelle, Power Shift Network Charlie Jiang, #AllofUs & 350 DC Amirah Sequeira, Legislative Advocate, National Nurses United Dante Barry, Executive Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Claire Sandberg, former Bernie 2016 Digital Organizing Director; former MoveOn Member Mobilization Director Sam Ghazey, Knock Every Door; former Bernie 2016 National Organizer; former NextGen Climate Carli Stevenson, former DNC Platform Committee Member, Indiana Alison Redford, Member, Democratic Party Laura Bandara, Volunteer, Action Utah / Salt Lake Indivisible Ghazal Rahmanpanah, Co-Founder, Now We Rise Anthony Torres, #AllofUs & SustainUS Rosie O’Brien, #AllofUs & Real Food Challenge Kyle Amsler, Interim National Coordinating Committee Member, Democracy Spring Andrea Perez, Board Member, People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami Dade; Democracy Spring Regional Coordinator Desiree Kane, National Engagement Director, The People for Bernie Sanders; The Indian Problem Candice Fortin, Board Member, The Kite Project at Rikers; Democracy Spring &#VoteProChoice Matthew Creasey, Member, Democratic Party Ian Schiffer, National Director, Young Progressives Demanding Action David Robin, Co-Founder, Millennials for Revolution Rebecca Krasky, Core Member, Fossil Free Macalester Bob Bland, Co-Chair, Women’s March on Washington Joe Dinkin, National Communications Director, Working Families Party Kyle Machado, Director of Organizing, Our Revolution; former Bernie 2016 Sam Miller McDonald, Managing Editor,; University of Oxford Eli Shepherd, Divest Grinnell Organizer, Grinnell College Student Action Morgan A. Johnson, Co-Founder, Young Progressives Demanding Action Zachary Jones, Vice President, 350 Stevens Point Ethan Fox, Digital Organizer, Millennials for Revolution Justin Jacoby Smith, Digital Organizer, Democracy Nikhil Goyal, Author & Public Education Activist My-Linh Vo, Millennials for Revolution Adam Hasz, Cambridge Advocacy Coordinator, Fossil Free MIT; MIT Democrats Zackary Reinhardt, Leadership Council, Michigan for Revolution; Millennials for Revolution Sara Anderson, Independent Nick Guthman, former President, American University College Democrats Halee Kirkwood, Volunteer, Boneshaker Books Elana Levin, Co-Founder, Organizing 2.0; Jewish People of the 17th New York State Senate District against Trump Jon Mermelstein, Binghamton Progressives Avery Raines, SustainUS & #AllofUs Jake Soiffer, California Trade Justice Coalition Courtney Jines, Organizer, The Future Is Feminist; Filmmaker Adam Wilkes, Volunteer, Citizen Action of New York – Southern Tier Pamela Linares, Volunteer, Alianzas Hayden Higgins, DC Divest Rosalie Yelen, Volunteer Organizer, Long Island Activists; MoveOn & Action Together Long Island Kenneth Shelton Jr., Community Organizer, Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Aurora Adachi-Winter, Organizer & Activist Kevin Chavus, Executive Board Member, SEIU Local 26; Our Revolution — Twin Cities Jody Lee, Volunteer, NYPVAN; Working Families Party Charlie Furman, People’s Climate Movement Mark Olivares, Organizer & Activist Natalie Hoidal, Asylum Center Garden Coordinator, Red Cross Maxwell Love, former President, U.S. Student Association; Our Wisconsin Revolution Skeeter Ezell, Member, Democratic Party Ricardo Williams, Lead Organizer, Orlando for Revolution; Orange County Democratic Party Ray Uyeda, former Field Organizer, Hillary For America Quinn Dunlea, Teaching Assistant, American University Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department; AU Resist Bailey Grebbin, Board Member, Vermont Student Power Network Aurin Chowdhury, Co-Founder & Event Coordinator, Women for Political Change Yaz Najeebi, Executive Director, Vermont Student Power Network; Power Shift Network Sarah Fadem, Energy Independence Campaign Director, Vermont Student Power Network; Our Climate & Energy Independent Vermont Trey Bowman, Operations Director, Vermont Student Power Network Zack Mezera, Executive Director, Providence Student Union Kaitlyn Lafferty, Green Party Allison Bohr, Independent Alina Tomeh, Organizer & Activist Kyle de Beausset, Citizen Orange Lindsay Meiman, U.S. Communications Coordinator, & 350 Action Elana Sulakshana, Columbia Divest for Climate Justice Jean Thomas, Executive Board Member, Washington State Progressive Caucus Ben Goloff, SustainUS Aaron Johnson-Ortiz, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha; Artist

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