Houellebecq, Egan and Hayek: the hubris and nemesis of defying the evolution of ideas and culture
Brendan Markey-Towler

Saint Augustine was a Hedonist be fore he converted to Christianity and his reputed words “Love and do what you like.” I take this to mean that if you love (in the “agape’ sense of the word) you cannot do harm to anyone. Siddartha Guatama (if I have spelled his name correctly) the founder of Bhuddism was an Indian prince who also lived a hedonistic life. then woke up one morning and resolved to find a better way of living.

As a cybernetician, I believe in a real liberalism that denies the legitimacy of coercion by the state or a group/oganisation. Systems both economic and political must be designed to allow the maximal diversity of lifestyles, with the proviso that a chosen lifestyle is not imposed on those do not want to live that lifestyle.

The current economic system allows excessive differentials in icome and wealth. Excessive wealth and income is an economic jackboot on the necks of the poor and denies them the economic power to live the lives they would want to live.

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