Creative citizen, creative state

We have a ramshackle, Heath-Robinson contraption that is the machinery of governmen; as is the economic system.

What is needed is an integrated system of government society and the economy that has as its output a society that is based on freedom, reciprocal justice and security.

The foundation of any society is its economy based on how people earn their living and support their families. What is needed is an economic system that is based on the science of General Systems Theory, Systems Thinking and Cybernetics that uses Causal Loops and error correcting negative feedback loops. An example of a Causal Loop that the current government could introduce into an alternative economic system is by creating a linkage between the rate of Corporation tax and the wage differential ratio. If the ratio of pay is 20 to 1, the rate of CT is 20%; if it is 8 to 1, the rate of CT is 8%.

Regarding a Basic Income, this could be based on 15 hours at NMW rate for a Personal Development and Community Allowance, similar to the Labour government’s Educational Maintenance Allowance. What type of personal development and/or community involvement a person decides upon would be their own free choice. If a person chose to do nothing then they would get nothing and have to rely on friends and family and charitable organisations for their support. This may be seem harsh but as I see it, with the introduction of a new economic system based upon an equitable distribution of income there would be no need for homelessness and food banks. The requirement for a person to complete 15 hours at 5 x 3 hours per day also provides structure to a person’s life which is an essential element for a person’s mental health. This combined with the achievement of Personal Development goals serves to increase a person’s self esteem and sense of well-being.

Personal Development goals, whatever a person chooses, needs people to provide and teach the “Know how” to achieve them. This would impact on the Education system, which would also require re-designing.

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