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Dear God, are you serious?

You really think that I want to kill black people?

Only sick people think horrible things like that.

A rock and whatever pole the person (could tell man or woman, it was dark and very chaotic) were the weapons. My child was screaming!

Why would you think such horrible things of me? I just don’t want to die or my child to die.

Its not like i want to carry a gun and start shooting the protesters. I Just wanted to get away.

I seem more like you wanted me and my child to die because we are white.

Did yo have a bad experience at the University of Oklahoma? Is this some kind of Marketing Experiment you are running?

Does Chris and James think the same kinds of things about scared white people like me? Would Martha Greeley approve of your behavior? Would Peggy Smith Scudder be surprised at how you talk to people? Mary Scudder Smith..would she be ashamed?…or would she condemn my child to the vile cesspit as you have?

Sir, you need help. I will try and get your family and friends to help you dear sir. Neal, Erica, Jeremy, Ike, mark, Michael, David, fatina, Shep, Bryon, et. al., need to know you need their help.

When someone like me, a scared and helpless parent, elicits such an incredible level of hate from a seemingly educated person with such a nice looking family and friends like you, it is obvious that you need an intervention.

God bless you sir and i hope you get better.

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