I guess this is the only avenue I have left to get out my anger. Why do people consider this man (Donald Trump) to be a patriot? He’s anything but. He has gone against a fundamental foundation of America, the freedom of religion. Muslim religion is not Christian therefore it is a threat in the eyes of so many that lack the ability of compassion. Not all Muslims are terrorists just like not all Catholics are child molesters. He has started to strip the rights away from women and has moved forward in trying to “erase” climate change. So now America not only lies to its people it also makes it impossible to find evidence of the truth? Not only are we targeting people of color and different religions but we are targeting 51% of the population of the U.S. (women are the majority). Why do women still allow men to make the decisions? Why aren’t we fighting back ? No I do not condone violence but there has to be a way!

The population that has voted for trump is made up of white supremacists, KKK leaders, religious extremists and sadly family and friends. How is it that people voted for someone that has won the hearts of such horrific people? How is it that America has become so broken that we have come to this?

We have given trump the rope to hang America.

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