The One Thing Every Writer On Medium Needs
Bryan Collins

This is a good article, but there is one thing that I think needs to be said. There are writers out there who need Medium or something like it. They don’t want to set up a website. Even Wordpress is a huge deal to many (most) people. Medium, in my opinion, is perfect for the average writer who isn’t interested in or doesn’t know how to set up another website. Medium is incredibly simple, and it allows things to be read that never would have been otherwise.

Also, Medium has a huge audience. Sure, grabbing the attention of that audience is another whole topic, but at least it’s there for the taking. Out on the cold, hard web, it’s much harder for anyone to find your writing. Unless you pay for ads, nothing is suggesting your writing to other people. Medium is great in that it suggests your writing to other people. It also has publications, which are a fantastic way for you to share your writing with others.

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