The Republican Party isn’t the pro-LGBTQ+ party, but it can be.


That headline may seem crazy to some, but to millennial and liberty-minded Republicans, it’s a very potential reality. Since the Democratic Party first adopted a pro-LGBTQ+ platform at their 2012 convention, it has often become assumed that they are the political party that has gay rights in the best interests of the LGBTQ+ community. President Obama became the first sitting president to express his support for marriage equality and all seemed good for the Democrats in terms of their LGBTQ+ outreach, but it can easily be taken away from them. In their agendas, the Democrats have suggested a government enforcement of gay rights. An agenda that can be disputed.

The party of Andrew Jackson has suggested that the government knows what is best for gay Americans, but the Republican Party can, and should, take a different approach. Toted for their constitutional values, the GOP can rise above the Democrats and adopt a platform that asserts LGBT issues as those with too much government interference in the current governmental climate. The party can actively promote the privatization of marriage and call for an abolition on government mandated contracts between two consenting adults. We can call for equality for every American against government overreach and demand that freedom be granted as a fundamental right. As the Democratic Party seeks to initiate an even bigger hand of big brother over the LGBTQ+ community, the Republicans have the power to say that a government telling you how to live and who to love, is a definitive tyranny over oneself.

While this seems like a long-reach in a party whose older members defend anti-LGBTQ+ laws as “God’s will”, the younger generation of Republicans denounce the theocratic policies of the older. Included in the generation with more tolerance to the LGBTQ+ community is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who says “Since government has been involved in marriage, they have done what they always do — taxed it, regulated it, and now redefined it”. Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan broke way to support a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act calling government the “real threat” to traditional marriage between a man and a woman, not the LGBTQ+ community. Senator Paul and Congressman Amash are both among the younger generation to defend the LGBTQ+ community against an oppressive government. The Republican Party can do the same. Stand up for the LGBTQ+ community. Push back against the abusive government control of a private citizen and their private lives. Be the party of the Constitution and be the party for every American.