What is BARRY?

Hey welcome to the Barry Home. Here, you can discover me with different trait and rarity. Cuz Barry need new friends all the NFT collector and NFT addict welcome to bring Barry home. There is 100 different Barry each is unique

Is there any RoadMap regarding Barry?

No, there will be no roadmap till reconciliation betides. But we have a vision to move forward like read this 👇

Phase One : Barry Launch, Start quick giveaway to build Barry Community ( Done )

Phase Two : Mint 30 NFTs ( Done ). and Prepare 10 NFTs to drop for AlturaDuckPunks RARE Holder ( In Progress )

Phase Three : Start Barry second Giveaway ( Soon )

Phase Four : Mint 60 NFTs ( Soon )

Phase Five : Start to collaborate with other artist at Altura Marketplace ( Soon )

When we hit 60 NFTs at Altura we create another phase. More detail will come shortly. It just a beginning and i hope that we can make Altura Marketplace and NFTs Specially on BinanceSmartChain is Bigger and bigger!

Faq :

What is creator of Barry?

Barry was created at 2021 by AHMD and start to store Barry at IPFS so we have a 100% ownable this Artwork

Who’s the team?

Just me alone

Barry have a Utility?

No, Barry doesn’t have any utility. Just art

Where I can Adopt and Sell Barry?

Barry is on SmartNFT BiananceSmartChain AlturaNFT only!

Official Links :

Twitter :

Instagram :

Barry Collection :

Discord :

🙌🙌 If you have any question feel free to contact me on Twitter or discord 🐻🐻



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