It’s crazy how you can be the most intelligent person, the most creative. Have never ending ideas, but can’t finish or enact one in its entirety. I’ve been told since I was kid literally that I’m special, I’m going to do amazing things. Like become a millionaire… I was voted most likely to become a celebrity my senior year in high school. S/O to Wilson class of 06. But guess what I’ve done with my life to live up to any of the grandiose hype thus far? Nothing. That’s not to say I’m a loser; I live comfortably. But I haven’t done one thing I’m truly proud of….by pursuing any of the things I’m deeply passionate about. How is it that this could be? Someone with infinite potential and creativity; not creating? Shit I ask myself everyday; and everyday I go through the motions of living life the way most people do. Stuck on this hamster wheel going round and round to the point where you live to work. Almost at the point where you’ve literally forgotten what your dreams were; you’re so dizzy and in a fog of life. Until something or someone clothes lines the shit out of you and wakes you up; to remind you. You’re more than what you have become. What the hell are you doing?! You know this is NOT you; you know you’re miserable. What do you have to lose? You’ve already tried not believing in yourself; wasted years. You’ve already tried it “others” way; wasted years…money… and lack of happiness. You’ve literally tried everything, but giving your dreams 100% and just doing it. No matter who judges, or thinks you’re corny, that you ramble, or aren’t the best at anything that you’re trying to do. It’s okay because you’re totally at this place with yourself now where you just don’t give a flying fuck. So get out your head and create without fear. Without expectation. The only way you can ever see how great you can be is if you try and stretch yourself. You’ll fail for sure several times; but that’s just the process for success. You owe it to yourself to see what you can be. So breathe, stop thinking, and create.