When did You become Molly?

When did You become Molly?

Wanting love so bad

You wore thirst on your chest

A scarlet letter

Bending to their whims

Like leaves in the wind

Bih You know better

Get your life

You’re somebody’s future wife

Better act like it

And stop giving up yourself

Ain’t nobody paid the price

Lived this life… and fought to be with you …

Like you fought to become You..

Shit wasn’t easy to get here

But apparently you forgot

Started Thottin cuz you thought you was poppin

But that shit fades if you don’t truly love yourself

In and out of season

Your confidence will be floating down the river dead

If you don’t Know you’re the reason

That you’re enough..

You should never have to do the extra

To be with you he must be built Ford tough

Endurance to go the extra mile to make you smile

Deep enough to tickle your pineal gland with no hands

Strong enough to lift you up when you need it the most

Unyielding enough to break down those walls if he proves worthy enough to let close

But first you need to remember who you are

And Who you’ll never be

Don’t ever let me confuse your ass with Molly