Coping with stress

Stress is very common, and sometimes hard to prevent. And even though stress is not always a bad thing, it can have quite the impact on your body. It can take away your focus and even cause physical problems such as headaches. Here are some tips that may help you cope with stress.

Move your body

Working out is amazing for relieving stress. So, run, dance, cycle: whatever you like. It makes your heart pound and improves the blood circulation. It helps you to focus on physical sensations instead of worrying.

Get your rest

As important it may be to exercise, it is equally important to have a good and long sleep. Especially when stressed, your body needs additional rest. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Cut down the electronics at night

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is fun, but can stress you out, without even noticing it — especially at night. The blue light of our electrical devices keep us awake instead of allowing us to get ready for bed. Whenever you do need to use your laptop or phone, put the night shift on to make the screen a warmer color.

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Reading books before going to sleep is a good replacement for using your mobile devices. When reading you must concentrate fully on your book, which makes you forget about your worries.

Focus on the positive

Practice meditation, yoga, or simply listen to some of your favourite music. Do whatever may relax you, and count your blessings instead of focusing on the negative. Accept that you cannot control everything, and try to put your stress in perspective.

Essential oils

Lavender oil is great when it comes to relaxation. Many people like the scent and find it helpful with reducing anxiety. Rubbing some lavender oil on your wrists before you go to sleep can help you fall asleep faster.

Herbal teas

Teas that contain camomile, valerian or lemon balm are known to be stress reducing and make you relax. Try to cut out coffee or other caffeine containing drinks, as they are only raise your stress levels.

Don’t stress about stress. Hopefully some of these tips may help you.

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