Man Lost Hiking is found 4 Days Later

While hiking a man fell, breaking his leg, and crawled four days, pushing his pack ahead of him, until he was found by fellow hikers on the Appalachian Trail and taken to a hospital.

39 year-old Will Henderson, a local High School teacher and experienced hiker chose to go off the beaten path before slipping in a stream and finding himself in a fairly hopeless situation. With him was his 40 pound hiking pack filled with just enough food to get by. After four days of crawling he was found by two hikers on the main path who at first were afraid of him because of his appearance.

Aside from his food and pictures of his family Henderson disposed of everything else in his pack. Of the pictures Henderson explained “…I looked at them a lot, especially when I got discouraged.”

Henderson, being no rookie at hiking claims “I never doubted that I would be found..” primarily because of the busy nature of the Appalachian trail. This event has not deterred his goals however stating “My goal is still to hike the entire trail.”