My experience so far at the boot camp has been life transforming. It has helped me have a glimpse of what it is like to become a professional world class developer. It has enabled me get useful life lessons and has also enabled me grow in my personal life and build resilience. The whole experience has made me think of water, which with all its simplicity has the potential to do lots of things. Thinking about my development, I feel like there are many properties of water that can help me in my development journey.

Flexibility is key. When water when is put in a cube shaped container, it will take the shape of the container. Put it in the freezer to make a Popsicle and it will take the shape of the Popsicle. Heat it to extreme temperatures and it will evaporate. It has the ability to take multiple forms. When mother nature decides that it’s time for the wind, water has amazing ability to embrace the rhythm of change. For the last 22 years of my life, I have been used the spoon feeding system that has instructions and directions on what to do at what stage. At Andela, I have found things to be different. Mediocrity is not an option and one has to be highly flexible to be able to catch up.

Being still and calm. Have you ever sat and stared at a completely still body of water? If you have you may have noticed that it has a very calming effect on the nerves. I have been so nervous. Every day, I encounter problems that need me to know concepts I have never learned before. Being alone in the house makes me wonder who shall help me and what I should do. I get nervous. What shall I do? being nervous has made me deliver low-quality work in the past.

Water is an unstoppable force of nature. Ocean waves are so powerful that they can roll anything standing on their way. The momentum eventually builds to the point where no obstacle in the way will remain. No matter the challenges or obstacles am facing, I shall continue pursuing becoming a world class programmer no matter what.

Being patient. Patience pays. Over time water has broken down massive rock forms, seeped into places where people thought it couldn’t get to and dissolved things over millions of years. Though so far I haven’t grabbed a few concepts here and there, I have to practice for practice makes perfect until I deliver quality outputs. That reminds me of the Will Durant quote that says ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’

Above all collaboration is key. I have been unable to deliver quality work because I work alone. I have learned that I should ask for help from people no matter what they shall think about you. That gives me peace and learned that every day has its own challenges.

Like water as simple as it seems to be it has amazing and mind-blowing qualities. I shall continue to borrow a leaf from it each and every day.