6 ways to Sing, Dance, Write and Speak Financial Abundance into existence

Let’s face it, a lot of us are addicted to thinking negatively about money. If we don’t have it, we worry about getting it. If we have it, we beat ourselves up about how we spend it or about not having more. When you are trying to recover from any addiction, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. In this case, we are admitting that the way we sometimes view our finances is from a place of opposition. It becomes a battle. But what if you could avoid the fight all together by changing the way you think about money? Everything we do starts with a thought and then a decision to follow through. We wake up, look at the time, think about getting ready for the day, and then we decide to get up and get started. When it comes to money, growing our bank accounts or having a better understanding of the money we currently have, will happen by deciding that we are going to actively look for ways to achieve our financial goals. The trick to deciding and then following through on cleaning up our finances is our mindset.

Think about it, if you wake up and decide that today is going to be a bad day, then huff and puff on the way to the shower, and grumble to yourself and at random people on your commute, then by the time you make it to your job, you have set yourself up to hate everything you will have to do for the next eight hours. So your mind, your thoughts are the beginning of change fir everything in life, including money.
Here are some ways to reset your mindset when it comes to your money:

Evict Your Inner Critic
There is no such thing as a mistake, just an opportunity to grow. No matter your level of financial fitness there’s always something that nags us about our spending and saving habits. We are critical of the things we have done or haven’t done to be in the place we want to be financially. But you know what? We can’t afford to be critical of ourselves in a way that stops progression in our financial lifestyle. Here’s how to kick the critic out of your emotional space:

Step 1: Make a list of all of the self-criticism you have regarding money. Write down at least 5.
“I spend too much on take out, so irresponsible.”

Step 2: For each of the self- criticisms in Step 1, on a separate piece of paper write down affirming messages of what you think you should do instead. 
“I can enjoy take out once a week and still stay within my budget.”

Step 3: Rip up the paper with the criticism and hang the positive affirmations where you can see them daily. 
Speak Life into Your Finances
Now that your mind is free of the critic, fill it with a supportive voice. There are so many voices in our heads already when it comes to our financial woes, and responsibilities. Then there are the voices we seek out. Whether it’s the parent reminding you that you should have a house of your own by now or Nancy Grace screaming at you for trying to fit in the things you want on a small budget. We seek out these voices often for validation. The strongest voice offering you validation should be yours. Validate yourself. Tell yourself that you are doing a good job with your finances. If you are trying to improve your relationship with your money, you are doing a good job! Look in the mirror and say it. Then believe it just as much as you believe Nancy Grace or anyone else. If you need a little help finding the right words,listen to our set of affirmations designed to put you in the mindset you need to think and act positively when it comes to your money. Understand, that everything you say is setting the tone for what you have and don’t have. Why not get into the practice to speaking the things we want into existence?

Find a Theme Song
Sometimes, the critic doesn’t know how to stop yapping about what it thinks you’re doing wrong. So even with positive affirmations now occupying your mental space AND with your positive ways of looking at your finances hung up in your physical space, it will try to sneak in. It will knock on the door like you owe it money. Simply breathe and let the negative thought go! Don’t fight it, don’t talk about it. Let it go! Then, turn up the volume on a tune that makes you happy. A tune that makes you celebrate moving into a better direction with your finances. A tune that’s louder than your self-criticisms. We recommend the instrumental to the song “Power” by Kanye West or “New Level” by A$AP Ferg ft. Future.

See/Draw the Bigger Picture
Find a picture or draw a picture that brings you joy. Pick a picture of your family, favorite place, whatever! The image can be of the things that can be achieved through having a better relationship with money, or your visual reminder of things that make you happy when you’re not worrying about money.

Recruit a Financial Bestie
Find someone you can share this experience with that will hold you accountable. This should be someone you CAN and WANT to share it with. This person is not there to police you. You don’t even have to share the exact state of your finances with this person. Your Financial Bestie is someone who is supportive of the changes you’re trying to make. Someone who you can send a text to when you pass up a sale, and they will respond with a plethora of celebration emojis. 
Identify Your Best Habit/Saving Super Powers
Most of the time, we are so focused on what we want, that we fail to recognize what we have. Assess the habits you already have that allows you to make it week after week. Ask yourself: how do you avoid overspending now? What happened the last time you felt proud of your financial decisions? Pat yourself on the back for the times you felt good about paying a bill on time, or doing your research for a deal on something you needed. After you point out your strengths, enhance them and continue to be “super.”

Remember, one step at a time eventually gets you to your destination. So will one song, picture, affirmation, friend, and an audit of your good habits. Whether you’re starting from scratch, starting over or staying afloat, approach your finance with open arms. Get ready for all of the abundance you carry.

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