So Sick of Leadership Mentality

Leadership is an incredibly trending word. Shut up and make it stahp! Why is society so consumed with this characteristic?

Society has made leadership this trending personality trait that we all should have. I don’t think it should be that. Many amazing skill sets are overlooked because society wants us all to be leaders. Let’s celebrate the introverts and followers the same as extroverts and and leaders.

If you’ve ever been a member of a healthy, thriving church, you will notice that all teams are, important. Because every personality and skill is needed to build he church. God made all of those skills and personalities. Real Life, the mission for the church, is still part of the body of Christ. In life, you, made by GOD are needed for exactly who you are!

My mindset: I don’t want to lead unless I’m profoundly knowledgeable or spiritually directed. I won’t add to a society of the blind leading the blind.

I want to be certain my leadership is inspired by the most knowledgeable source. I don’t know everything, in fact, I can’t know what I don’t know there is to know. I do know, that all that is known isn’t all there is to know. So, I’m leaning into God. (Read it twice ;) )

To put this in perspective, would you take advice from a broke person for financial decisions? Would you take advice from a divorced person for you and your partner? Get real about the source. Get ready to follow and be educated. Today I choose to follow an omniscient source.