Dear Anxiety,

Hello old friend, how are you? I know we have never talked like this before to each other but I would just like to explain a few things to you.

I do hope you are doing well old friend, but it seems that our time together must end. You’ve ]consumed my body and mind but now must you suffocate me also? I know you are there to try and help me and keep me safe but you have now taken control of my life and I would like it back please.

I know it’s harsh for a friend to push another friend away, but I don’t need you anymore, in fact, I don’t want you anymore. Please understand, I know you only want the best for me, but rather for you to choose that for me, shouldn’t I be trying to figure that out for myself?

It was fun in the beginning for the both of us, you were there and I went to you whenever I needed you, but then you started to latch yourself onto me and now I can’t seem to shake you off, you make me feel so tired and so alone. A constant war going on in my mind. Can you please be quite? I would like to sleep, I haven’t had a good sleep in years. You persuaded me that I should kill myself because it was the answer to all my problems, and you laughed when I tried. Calling me stupid that I failed, and that I’ll be a failure for the rest of my life.

Why must you push my friends away? I know you want me all to yourself, but understand that I do need others. Stop trying to convince me that I’m a bother, and annoying. When I’m trying to talk to someone, please stop making me feel so nervous that the other person is disinterested and wants to be as far away from me as possible. I feel like poison sometimes. I barely have any friends anymore because they all don’t like the way that you’re controlling my body.

Please, I’m so tired, as a friend you should understand. Please give me control of my life again, I miss that, I miss who I was before you.. but I don’t know if I can ever be her again..