Stories from Tennessee
Facing Addiction

Hello, I lost my 27 year old son Jan. 2013 to snorting less than 40mgs of heroin when he became severely addicted to pain pills after losing a finger in a wood chipper at age 25. Nine days before he passed he told me about his struggle with the pills. He assured me he had it under control. I was niave but that is hardly a comfort when your child has died as a result of a substance passing. Since our family’s grief journey began I have become an advocate for ending the stigma. I am a part of the group “Caring and Sharing (In the Face of Addiction) Lower Delmarva” that is working in partnership with L’oreal’s 2015 Woman of the Year, Kathy Koenigsdorf of The Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation, Inc. to provide outreach and networking for treatment. We are working to find solutions, as well as, working with our local health department and government . We are interested in accessing and possibly being the ones to build a network of individual advocates if we have to. I am finding advocates for the cause but we are in dire need of one on one patient advocacy. We don’t want to recreate the wheel. Please contact me if anyone here knows of a netwrok that has already began or is in the works.

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