Winter Immersion course covers dietary approach

January Immersion courses at Millikin University provide opportunities for students to get ahead on credits and raise their GPA. A wide range of courses are offered each January with a variety of different subjects covered. Among the 20-plus courses offered this year include Medical Nutrition Therapy, a course led by Dr. Tina Cloney, associate professor of exercise science and sport at Millikin.

A therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions, medical nutrition therapy is an essential component of comprehensive healthcare intervention. Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their health and quality of life by receiving medical nutrition therapy.

Throughout the course, Millikin students were introduced to the concepts and application of medical nutrition therapy in individuals with various health issues. The students studied the medical nutrition management of certain conditions and how to apply the concepts of medical nutrition therapy through the use of case studies and discussions.

Dr. Cloney recently asked students to report on how to manage certain conditions as part of the weeklong study.

“This is something Millikin doesn’t offer normally,” Dr. Cloney said. “I offer it to students who want to go on for a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics so they don’t have to make it up to get into grad school. I’m happy other students are seeing value in it, too.”

Eight health, fitness and recreation majors were enrolled in the course. Half of the students hope to work in the areas of strength conditioning/coaching or cardiac rehabilitation.

Brianna Trimuel, a senior from Flossmoor, Ill., presented on cardiomyopathy. “You want to eat a DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) or Mediterranean diet,” Trimuel said. “You want to eat some broccoli, some carrots and other vegetables.”

Many registered dietitian nutritionists work in the treatment and prevention of disease by providing medical nutrition therapy. Medical nutrition therapy provides a review of what you eat and your eating habits; a thorough review of your nutritional health; and a personalized nutrition treatment plan.

Dr. Cloney will teach an advanced medical nutrition therapy course this January prior to the start of the spring semester on Jan. 23.